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Thread: Yoo hoo~~ Christmas here!

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    Hello Christmas.

    This is has been a tough year for many around me. Myself included.

    When end the year began I was left alone, on my own, without a penny. The woman who was supposed to be beside me left in the middle of the night and never told me why. I ended up with my wildest friends making many bad choices and keeping angry over things I was helpless to control.

    However this his year I am back again. Stronger, and with a different attitude, ready to take on the new year. Even found a little bit of money to help give a struggling family some gifts for their children this year.

    So Christmas, thank you for putting me through hell last year so I could find what was truly important. What I lost last year I found I really didn't need. I have opened my eyes and I have continued to fight on.

    I am am nowmin a good place. I also found I am not alone any more. So thank you.

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    Hey Christmas.

    I'm still a sharkdog. You still hate Manus, but in a repressed sexual tension kind of way. BGC is still a hentai school girl in the hearts and minds of all of us.

    I think that's the perfect sentiment for this holiday season.

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