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Celebrate the Holidays. Write a Card.

Soooo... cards?

Do you ever feel your fellow EoFFers are... over there? Distant? Far away? Online?

Well this is the holiday event for you! Over the course of the coming days, EoFFers willing to participate will enter into the delivery service, write some cards and spread that cheer and goodwill! Also ink.

What's the Delivery Service?

So here's how this event works. Send me a Mognet Message with your name and preferred address for delivery. After the deadline, a Mognet will be sent containing a list of everyone who intends to participate. With everyone's approval, contact addresses will be sent to everyone else enrolled in the delivery service, and then you can start sending your Hanukkah/Christmas/New Year cards!

This event places emphasis on spreading goodwill to all people. No picking and choosing! After the list is sent via Mognet, it is expected that you send a card to everyone where possible.

I'm not very comfortable making my address public...

I completely understand. This event has made every effort to make this a safe and festive event. All of your addresses will be confidential and shared only with others who are taking part in the event. Before addresses are sent out, a list of participants will be sent to you; if you see someone who you would feel uncomfortable around, then that person can be excluded from your personal mailing list.

If you have any other questions about confidentiality, then don't hesitate to contact me about this.

Sounds great! When do I start writing?

This event has a few deadlines and dates to remember:

  • You have until the 12th December to register interest.
  • The pre-confirmation Mognet will be sent on the 13th December.
  • Assuming everyone is rather prompt with agreeing to the list, the list of addresses can be sent out anytime from the 15th December.

Depending on response time, your cards may not arrive in time for Christmas or Hanukkah, but do remember that New Years is coming up, so definitely consider sending a New Years card instead, especially if the addresses only get released on say, the 20th. They shouldn't, but who knows what might happen.

Just to recap: Mognet me your interest (and your address) by the 12th December. I am willing to be somewhat flexible with that, but don't snap me in half like a candy cane with it. If you have any questions, please Mognet me about the event!

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