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Thread: New HD II.8 Final Chapter Prologue Trailer

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    Yes, Xemnas still has this connection with Aqua as he is basically nothing but a Xehanort copy, therefore he also consists of remnants of Terra. Still it is true, just as the body of Ansem still reminds of Terra, there basically was still a small part of Terra left. For the sake of simplicity heart-wise they never made it too hard as in "well, his consciousness still had this heart connection with the body even though he was in his armor already, et cetera". Basically Terra had no chance in that body therefore what was still left or linked to it was fairly insignificant when Xehanort became a Heartless. Just as a Heartless is basically nothing but the heart corrupted by darkness and the consciousness controlled by the drive to find hearts, except for strong-willed people/Heartless like Xehanort, Sora, et cetera who still had control, once he became a Heartless this whole "Terra VS Xehanort" thing no longer was a thing. Actually even way earlier as we can see as there was basically nothing left of that inner fight after Xehanort fought Aqua in the final episode. So Xehanort had complete conscious control while Terra remained in the armor and even without the control on the surface Xehanort had to live in a body that deep within had those leftovers of Terra like the connection to Aqua which leads to the scene of Xemnas looking at her armor et cetera.

    So long version short: Yes, there were links for Terra and leftovers in his original body but since Xehanort was too strong he never regained control and therefore the Somebody split affected Xehanort's being "and only those remnants of Terra like body, a few memories, et cetera" while Terra's essence remained safe in the armor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NeoCracker View Post
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    It was pretty much explained in BbS. His heart was merged with Xehanorts, and it was purely his will and anger that entered the armor. So the heart was part of the heartless, but not the sentient part.
    ....So if he was part of the Heartless, shouldn't he theoretically be kind of dead? I mean the heartless was killed at the end of the first game. How exactly is Terra going to be involved at all? Or was the portion of heart left behind in the Nobody (Since apparently that happens, I've yet to actually play 3D) the part that contained Terra's Heart? I mean considering the chat Aqua has in Blank Space with Xehonort, I guess that kind of makes sense?
    ...COrrection, that guy during Blank Space may have been Ansem, not Xehonort. I'm watching Coding, and I think that makes more sense.

    I'll just wait for the new one in a couple weeks.

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