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Thread: Ciddies 2016 - Best Speech!

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    Default Ciddies 2016 - Best Speech!

    Best Speech

    Winter is over, but a cold wind still lingers. Blowing from the east, one final award finds itself buried in snow. With your votes, who will be the one to pluck it from an icy grave!

    But enough poetry. I'm sure you want to know what this is all about, right?

    51 Speeches

    Basically, vote for your three favourite speeches. It's that simple! Rank them in order from third to first, which will allocate them points from one to three. Presented below are all 51 speeches featured in the Ciddies:

    50. MLT Go on a buddy adventure around Westeros - Night Fury
    49. MLT Win a Ciddie for the very first time - Bubba
    48. MLT Become a Staffer - Shauna
    47. MLT Have a steamy sex scene with their twin - Shauna
    46. MLT Know nothing and be told so repeatedly - Night Fury
    45. MLT Warg into a wolf and pee on everything - Bubba
    44. MLT Actually make it to the end of the series alive - Shauna
    43. MLT Be an acerbic old woman who tells everyone off - Dat Matt
    42. MLT Be the God of tits and wine - Night Fury
    41. MLT Become a man of the Night's Watch and stay a virgin forever - Bubba
    40. MLT Blow up a city with wildfire because they're having a bad day - Night Fury
    39. MLT Have all the best gossip, thanks to their 'Little Birds' - Night Fury
    38. MLT Get lost at sea and end up rowing for four years - Bubba
    37. MLT smurf up by doing exactly what they were told not to do and accidentally help the White Walkers - Night Fury
    36. MLT Take the Iron Throne - Dat Matt
    35. MLT Spend two seasons as the character of a completely pointless story arc - Jinx
    34. MLT Be part of a really cool book plot that is cut from the show - Night Fury
    33. MLT Be a book purist and tell everyone how much their opinions and theories are wrong - Jinx
    32. MLT Be a show-only watcher who hates the book purists telling them their theories and opinions are wrong - FFNut
    31. MLT Not care about Game of Thrones at all and be sure to tell everybody about it - Night Fury

    30. Cutest Couple - Fynn
    29. Most Missed Member - FFNut
    28. Most Stylish Member - FFNut
    27. Most Thought-Provoking Member - Formalhaut
    26. Most Helpful Member - FFNut
    25. Most Hardcore Member - Fynn
    24. Most Confused Member - Bubba
    23. Most Warm-hearted Member - Night Fury
    22. Craziest Member - Fynn
    21. Happiest Member - Fynn
    20. Wierdest Member - Freya
    19. Sassiest Member - Night Fury
    18. Funniest Member - Fynn
    17. Best Final Fantasy Poster - Fynn
    16. Best Lifestream/Academia Poster - FFNut
    15. Best General Poster - FFNut
    15. Best General Poster - Night Fury
    14. Best User Title - Formalhaut
    13. Best Signature - FFNut
    12. Best Avatar - Fynn
    11. Best Let's Play - Formalhaut
    10. Best Article/Series - Night Fury
    09. Best Post - Rocket Edge
    08. Best Writer - Fox
    07. Best Artist - Fynn
    06. Best Chatter - Jinx
    05. Best Newbie - Fynn
    04. Best Regular - Fynn
    03. Best Veteran - Fynn
    02. Best Staffer - Fynn
    01. Best Member - Various Members

    If you find any of the links are broken or wrongly placed, please tell me and I will correct them.

    How do we vote?

    Mognet Message me your picks - a maximum of three, please! If you're having trouble deciding, peruse the links above.

    You have a full week - 18th December. I hope you all have a great time re-reading these speeches!

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