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Thread: Snes version (labelled FFII)

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    Default Snes version (labelled FFII)

    I am currently playing this, and I have 2 questions:

    1 - Where is the ATB gauge? I'm sure this was on the PSP version, but it seems to be absent on the snes version?

    2 - This one is a bit of a problem - when looking at different weapons/armour, the attributes do not show until you've actually equipped them. This is very annoying because I want to see the attributes before I equip them - I don't want to end up equipping a weaker weapon and only finding out once I've equipped it, to then equip the old one again, as that's a pain in the arse.

    As said I played the PSP version prior to this, and these things weren't an issue.

    Can anyone shed light? I'm playing on the Wii VC with the classic controller.
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    Yeah, many of the features you're missing didn't debut until FFV. The lack of an ATB bar doesn't necessarily hurt the game, but the equipment element is a bit of a pain.

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