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Thread: maybe spoilers: difficulty

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    Default maybe spoilers: difficulty

    How hard do you think this game is. And do you like its difficulty.

    honestly after x and y and oras this is one of thardest games in the series not counting spin offs.. I think only gen 4 and gen 2 were hard like this.

    albeit I not using exp share but holy trout the level scaling is big. It doesnt seem like it if I just wrote down the numbers but you go from a place with 30 enemies to 42 enemies then 47 enemies then 50 then 55. And in that time theres not much for grinding and even if you do there is always someone strongerbthan you. Its cool but damn is it tough.
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    I'm typically a pretty bad grinder. I love to level everything up to ridiculous levels then power through a chunk of the game then grind when things get hard again. In this game I can't even say I'm power leveling. The amount of time I've spent in the tall grass has just been necessary.

    This is my first Pokemon game so I can't compare it to the others, but the challenge in this game has been really satisfying.

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    Adding in the ability for essentially any wild Pokemon battle to become a two on one fight alone was a fairly large step up in difficulty for the series.

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    Being able to call for help really just made catching wild Pokemon a headache! Waiting for Evee to call for help 329328 times before I could catch it was maddening.

    It did make some Totem Pokemon battles really rough though.

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    imo this game is too easy.
    you get handed everything..
    ''won a battle? here! have 10 revives!''

    they do jump alot faster with the levels. usually i would always be a couple of levels ahead at the next gym, but here ive often found myself rather 5 behind.
    you really cant make any mistakes because once you have battled a pokemon you can see what is supereffective against it..

    and yeah, the pokemons calling for help is very anoying xD

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