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Thread: A new EoFF Mafia

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    Default A new EoFF Mafia

    Hey there, Eyes on Final Fantasy.

    It's been a while since the last Mafia game around here, hasn't it? As I only recently realized this forum appears to have had a pretty big Mafia scene for a long time. And since I've recently gotten fond of playing forum Mafia myself, I figured I might as well give hosting one around here a shot. The game style I'm used to is probably a little different from the game style the Mafia veterans around here are used to, and it won't be as extensive as previous games with alternate accounts and the like, but that'll hardly be a problem, now will it?

    But first things first, a Mafia game can only run if there are enough players interested in playing. I'd like to get the game going around Dec 27th or 28th. If you are interested and want to participate, let me know down below~

    For those who don't know, Mafia is a "secret identity" type game that pits an informed minority - the mafia - against an uninformed majority - the citizens. The mafia know each other's identity, but the citizens know nothing. The citizens have to figure out who to trust and expose the Mafia in their midst. The mafia have to deceive the citizens, pretending to be trustworthy allies while secretly working against them. The game is divided into alternating day and night phases. During day phases, everyone decides on someone to be lynched. During night phases, special players may use their abilities, including but not limited to the mafia players, who can kill any one person they want to. Some citizens also have special abilities, like the Detective/Cop who can pick a player and covertly investigate their true allegiance, or the Protector/Doctor who can pick a player who will then be immune to all kill abilities that night. If the citizens manage to kill all the mafia, they win. If the mafia manage to kill enough players so that the number of mafia is equal to the number of citizens, they win. The number of Mafia players depends on the number of total players, usually ranging around 1/4 of players.
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