For all of my nerdiness, I have never been much of a comic book fan. BUT I've purchased a few here and there over the past year and I'll be trying some more, so I figured I would share my adventures in to comic books.

We went to the comic book store in search of Killer Frost comics because I wanted to know more about her after playing Injustice. The only one they had was expensive (but I'll be getting a collection next week), so instead I picked up three comic books of characters I'm interested in. These were based on what the cover looks like just to get a feel for the characters, so I'm starting all over the place. (I'll also add random images to break up the text)

The first one is Supergirl #25 from 1998 called Will the REAL Comet please stand up?

The first page says DESPERATE TIMES in a very visible font on the top, and we see Supergirl surrounded by a newscrew. It seems the KKK has endorsed Supergirl and she is being branded a racist. We find out she's heading to the police station to give a statement. The police tell her she should have come in through the window, but she says she should be able to go through the front door like any other citizen. Some good character building here, she's already less of a pushover than I expected (for some reason??) So there's been some city controversy. Apparently the mayor was evil. Supergirl confirms this testimony.

Next we see some redheaded dude named.... Dicky... talking to a woman on a motorcycle named Andy Jones, I think. I don't know who these people are. But Miss Jones tells Dicky how she likes some woman named Linda. Like... A LOT. Like in a love making way. Dicky, meanwhile, is confused. God (yes, THE God, the one you may or may not believe in) walks by with his bowtie and bowler cap and... baseball bat and informs Dicky that Miss Jones is gay and has a thing for Linda.

Back at the police station, Supergirl is talking to her dad the police officer(?) who is maybe considering divorcing his wife? Then a woman comes up and accuses Supergirl of being a racist and Supergirl is all "I just save people" etc.

Next we see a brunette lady named Linda talking to an older couple, she calls the woman Ma (I think her grandparents?), and apparently she's been venting. The man turns on the TV and the news is talking about how Supergirl has been endorced by the Neo-Nazis. Linda leaves but see's bowler hat God and rushes out of the house in a huff (she sees a pink blur fly by that she calls Comet). She goes to beat up God who informs me that Linda is Supergirl (which I was expecting by this point) and she asks God to resolver her mother's spiritual crisis and reveal Comet's true nature. God scolds her a bit and says if he does this he won't help her when something else happens later.

She also says something about being human but I thought she was Kryptonian? Human-Kryptonian? I don't know.

After that some dude who works for the papers throws a computer at his boss for reporting that Supergirl is a racist and then gets, understandably, fired. God then appears to Linda's mom, talks to her about faith and God, Supergirl rescues a kitten from a tree, and then runs in to Comet. After Comet leaves, Supergirl stalks him/her by using weird... imagination vortex powers? Supergirl then home invades Comet, who steps out of the shower to reveal... ANDY JONES !!!!

That's this edition. I rather liked it. A bit preachy but it was entertaining enough and easy enough to follow considering I picked it up at issue 25. I think I will read more Supergirl comics.

Up next: Astonishing X-Men