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    Eureka! EoFF Mafia Dissidia

    You find yourself in the world between worlds, where heroic and chaotic spirits meet to battle in the eternal conflict of Cosmos and Chaos. However, this particular battle may be slightly different from what you are used to. Chaos has shifted their strategy; instead of sending their forces to a full frontal assault on Cosmos, the spirits of Chaos have infiltrated the forces of Cosmos, causing seeds of distrust and discord to spread among former allies who no longer know whom to trust. Simple love and friendship won't solve matters this time; naively trusting the people next to you could very well spell your own doom.

    Welcome to Mafia Dissidia. The Final Fantasy battle of wits.


    The participants in the game will be these 'innocent' souls:

    • FFNut
    • Scruffington
    • Formalhaut
    • Freya
    • qwertysaur
    • Aerith's Knight
    • Shauna
    • Fox
    • Fynn

    Give it your best, warriors of harmony and discord, Cosmos and Chaos have high expectations of you.

    (If you are not on this list but are still interested in joining the game you can send me a private message so long as the game has not officially started yet.)


    As soon as the game begins participants will receive a Mognet Message from me detailing their Identity, their Role and their Alignment. The identity allows one to identify themselves or other people through the narrative. The role is what determines one's special abilities during the game. And finally, the alignment - Warrior of Harmony or Warrior of Discord - decides what your goal is in this game.

    Cosmos-aligned players must wipe out all Chaos-aligned players.

    Chaos-aligned players must wipe out enough Cosmos-aligned players so that the number of Chaos-aligned players is equal to or higher than the number of Cosmos-aligned players.

    Normally I would be more ambiguous as to the number of Chaos-aligned players, but to slightly experienced players it should be relatively obvious that the only plausible number is 2. These two Chaos-aligned players know who the other is and have the unique ability of communicating about the game with one another outside of this topic which the Cosmos-aligned players are not permitted to do under any circumstances. I would ask that the Chaos-aligned players set up a channel through which their communication also goes through me (because I'm interested in seeing what they talk about =P) but in the interest of simplicity they may pick any means of communication they wish, if the alternative would make things needlessly complicated.

    As for Identities, identities may be any human playable character or villain from a mainline Final Fantasy game from IV to XV; there's not many limitations there.

    Here is a list of roles as well as their abilities

    A Chaos-aligned role. Can kill someone every night. The chosen player is eliminated from the game unless protected by the Protector in the same night. The murderer cannot kill themselves.

    A Chaos-aligned role (in this game at least). Can block the ability of another player every night. Whatever night action the chosen player may have decided to do, it will not go through.

    A Chaos-aligned role. Can kill someone every night, but only one Lackey may perform a kill per night. If multiple Lackeys decide to do a kill they will all fail, so make sure to communicate. One Lackey being eliminated does not hamper the other Lackeys' ability to kill.

    A Cosmos-aligned role. Can choose someone every night to investigate. The Detective will then be privately informed of the chosen player's alignment.

    A Cosmos-aligned role. Can choose someone every night to protect. The chosen player is immune to being killed by the Murderer or Lackeys for this single night. The same player may be chosen repeatedly, but the Protector cannot protect themselves.

    Appears on either alignment. Can choose two people every night to switch. Night actions targeting one will target the other instead, and vice versa.

    Appears on either alignment. Can choose someone every night to investigate. The Identifier will then be privately informed of the chosen player's identity. They will not be informed of their role or ability.

    Appears on either alignment. Can choose someone every night to track. The Tracker will then be privately informed of who the chosen player used their ability on that night (if anyone). They will not be informed of anything but the chosen player's username.

    Appears on either alignment. Can choose someone every night to watch. The Watcher will then be privately informed of who used an ability on the chosen player that night. They will not be informed of anything but those players' usernames.

    Appears on either alignment. Has no special abilities.

    Unless specified otherwise you cannot target yourself with your ability. If you end up targeting yourself anyways due to the Switcher switching you and your intended target, your ability will simply fail.

    And what roles will be in this game?

    The Chaos side will definitely consist of either one Murderer and a supplementary role or two Lackeys. The supplementary role may be the Roleblocker, but it may also be any of the other 'either alignment' roles in the game.

    The Cosmos side will definitely consist of at least a Detective, a Protector and one Vanilla player. The other Cosmos-aligned players may be any role that is not explicitly Chaos-aligned, including more Vanilla players.

    And in case anyone is thinking what I expect them to, I will say this upfront.

    I guarantee that identities, roles and alignments are randomly assigned, there is no causal link between any of them.

    A player with the Kuja identity might end up being a Cosmos-aligned Protector, or he might be a Chaos-aligned Lackey. Both are very much possible.

    When a player is eliminated, their identity and alignment is openly revealed but their ability is not. You'll have to deduce what abilities remain in the game by yourselves.

    Game Progression

    The game is divided into Daytime Phases and Nighttime Phases which alternate, starting with a Daytime Phase.

    During daytime phases, all players may vote for a player to be lynched (eliminated from the game). Please state votes clearly, in their own paragraph, like this:

    ##Vote: Karifean

    If you wish to retract your vote you may also change your vote to "No Vote". And finally, you may also vote for "No Death", meaning you vote for nobody to get lynched this daytime phase.

    Daytime Phases have a general time limit of 48 hours. However the phase may end early - if at any point during the daytime phase there is an absolute majority of votes for a player (or No Death), the vote is locked down instantly (even if I happen to be offline at the time), votes cannot be changed anymore, and the decision is final.

    As a Daytime Phase ends, the Nighttime Phase begins, lasting 24 hours. During this phase players may still post in this topic like normal, but more importantly, all non-Vanilla players may perform their night action. Night actions are all resolved at the same time at the end of the Nighttime Phase, so when you inform me of your action has no bearing on the game.

    Please inform me of your night actions via Mognet Message, with your action stated clearly in its own paragraph, like this:

    ##Kill: LoonyBoB

    After Nighttime Phase ends, a writeup will be posted giving a vague impression of what took place

    Additional Rules

    In the interest of fair play, it's forbidden to quote or take screenshots directly from Mognet Messages from the Game Master (me). The only exception to this is your Identity, which you may quote but not make a screenshot of. So this is fair game:

    Quote Originally Posted by Kari-chan
    You are Ramza, Cosmos-aligned Underappreciated Protagonist.
    But of course a message like this is easy to fake, and faking these claims is obviously fair game as well

    Live Chaos-aligned players have no restrictions on their private communication, however it is forbidden for Cosmos-aligned players to discuss the game with other players outside of this topic. Likewise, it is forbidden for eliminated players to post in this topic or disclose information about the game to any remaining living player.

    Do not edit or delete posts. Anything you've said you cannot take back, and it would be unfair if players missed out on information just because they came in late. On the other hand, double-posting is perfectly fine.

    Breaking any of the game's rules will get you modkilled, i.e. eliminated instantly. Breaking any of the game's rules for strategic purposes will have your entire team lose immediately. You just don't do that, 'kay?

    Finally, if you happen to be absent for several phases in a row, you may also be eliminated. If you know ahead of time you can't participate in the game for a while, make sure to inform me beforehand and we might be able to figure something out.

    Further Questions

    If anything regarding the game itself is unclear to you, don't hestitate to ask in this topic. I'm here to answer any questions you may have. If your question regards private information about your identity/role/alignment/whatever, you can also of course send me a Mognet message. Also if your question is not directly relevant to everyone else in this game, I'd also like it if you messaged me directly, to keep this topic as free of clutter as possible.

    If anyone else still feels like joining the game at this stage I'm certainly open to allowing you to do so since while it means more work and re-setting up for me it also means more players which is yay ^_^

    And with that, I bid you good luck. Character Information will be sent out as soon as I have it all figured out (which will still take a bit of time).

    Current Game Status

    Game Over - Chaos Victory

    Winners (Chaos)
    Scruffington - Garnet, Chaos-aligned Determined Princess
    Fynn - Noctis, Chaos-aligned Beloved Prince

    Losers (Cosmos)
    qwertysaur - Died on the First Twilight - Seifer, Cosmos-aligned Proud Hero
    Shauna - Died on the Second Daylight - Shadow, Cosmos-aligned Tormented Wanderer
    Freya - Died on the Second Twilight - Cecil, Cosmos-aligned Redeemed Knight
    FFNut - Died on the Third Daylight - Lenna, Cosmos-aligned Inspiring Leader
    Aerith's Knight - Died on the Third Twilight - Faris, Cosmos-aligned Royal Pirate
    Fox - Missing on the Third Twilight - Cid, Cosmos-aligned Shapeshifting Enigma
    Formalhaut - Missing on the Third Twilight - Kefka, Cosmos-aligned Lunatic Mage
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