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Thread: How it Started

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    Snakes are my favourite animals. Cobras, to be more specific.

    I wanted to know what that game with that "big snake" was. It was Final Fantasy VII.

    Thank you, Midgardsormr.

    The End.

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    10 year old me thought the dude with the spiky hair and the big sword on the cover of a game looked cool. I convinced my dad to buy it for me at the flea market, and when I got to play it I was blown away.

    I loved Final Fantasy VII so much that I even bought the game for my best friend the same year. It has been my favorite game ever since.

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    My sister bought her then boyfriend Ff7 brand spanking new for his bday. I watched them play the opening and I had to play this game. I was only about 14 or so at the time.
    I eventually hounded him to let me borrow his ps1, Ff7, ridge racer, and re1 every weekend he would let me.(yes I was a child of the psx golden age)
    Anyways. Fast forward 20 years, my sister is still with the same dude. (engaged now at least hahah) and it turns out neither of them actually ended up liking 7 and never finished it. (but they love 8,9,10)
    I've finished it multiple times and still pick it up once every year or so. It is my favorite game, definitely some nostalgia at play there.

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    It was my Mums (at the time) boyfriend that got me in to Final Fantasy with FFVII. I used to watch him play it on his PS1 and I thought it looked really fun. When I gave it a go I was terrible at it, and the piss easy materia system confused the hell out of my tiny 7/8 year old brain. Also my Mum used to do mobile hairdressing, so I went around with her. One of her clients had FFVII so I spent more time getting used to it there, too. When I got the hang of it fully I was hooked, and I've been playing Final Fantasy ever since.
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    Started with FF VII when I was about 9 years old. Thought that the game looked pretty. I didn't really get into the game fully until I was about 12 years old though, as 9 year old me thought you could just summon your way to victory at LV 9 or something. Basically, it was all just serendipity.

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    I started with FFVI when I was like 4-5 years old. I played the coop mode with my father because it was his favorite game and I had watched him play before (I really liked to take an unplugged controller and do as he did on his own), and he translated me the dialogues because I didn't speak English that much at the moment hehe

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    i used to watch my sister play 7 and 9 when i was a youngling, then when i was aboot 15 i got started on listening to a bunch fo FF music and then my sister let me borrow FFXIII which i thought was pretty fun. then i played FFVI o nan emulator i downloaded, which i played when my internet ran out and i was pretty damn hooked on the series after. still am.
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