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Thread: You just won the lottery!

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    My youngest brother recently took down a deer in Montana. Have to admit I'm jealous of his experience/adventure. Best hunting story is my fathers...

    He went boar hunting with my uncle and his "firefighter" friends. Straws were draw to designate order. When it came my fathers turn, the sow was cornered by the hounds, he refused, that wasn't what he set out for. The next "straw" took his shot, my father was "ridiculed", called a "pussy". That night, the party around the campfire, the dogs took chase into the thorn bush. A massive boar took out several dogs and charged the camp. The "firemen" all took refuge, my father grabbed his 357 (or was it a 45?) and chased it into the thorn brush. Hands and knees, pitch black, in the thorn brush, 6 shots fired, 6 hits, with half of them "on the run". Dad had the largest "bull" by far (I'll get my parents to dig up the pics, worthwhile). The "vajay" firemen wanted to divvy up the cuts equally (all their hogs were half the size), pops told them to keep theirs, he keeps his. Still have the skull and the head ("stuffed") is over the mantel (3 wounds stitched in the neck). I'll gets pics when I can.

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    Nah, it's OK man. Thanks anyway!

    I'm not really into hunting, I'm just being a sarcastic prick because I'm in a weird mood. You can safely ignore everything I say on EoFF for the next 24 hours or so.

    Except in the travel thread. I'll gladly look you up if we ever get over to the west coast

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vasher View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Loony BoB View Post
    500m? Bloody hell!

    I'll just deal in percentages, I think. I don't think I can comprehend how to give away 500m.

    20% towards my family
    20% towards my friends
    5% towards Danielle & her family
    5% towards business interests

    20% towards animal charities
    20% towards human charities / people in need.
    10% towards what I feel are good causes (eg. starving artists, community ventures, etc)

    So effectively 50% spent on my own interests, 50% spent on more worldly interests. I think as the amount I get goes up, the portion I'd spend on the worldly interests would increase, because my family and friends aren't that in need.

    I'm also assuming here that when you say you can't spend it on yourself, you also mean you can't invest it for your potential children or anything like that. I'm going with a Brewster's Million's scenario here.
    Charities are bunk. Average reports of 50 cents on the dollar are exaggerated. I've seen paperwork that shows 1 cent on the dollar, at most. You're better off managing expenditures yourself. Hell, the money might be better spent, if not directly to your "would be" beneficiaries, on closing all these bs "non-profit" charity orgs. "F" them, and the fund raised chariot that they rode in on.
    True. I suppose I could hire someone I consider trustworthy to basically read letters all day, investigate requests and act upon them.
    Bow before the mighty Javoo!

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