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Thread: Mafia Host Sign-Up Thread

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    Default Mafia Host Sign-Up Thread

    Hey everyone,

    This is the sign-up thread to host the new main series of Mafia. The previous main series ended with Mafia XXV, nearly four years ago. With the recent games such as Karifean's Dissidia Mafia and Psychotic's FFIX Mafia, there is a revived interest in both playing and hosting these games. This thread is designed to organize and facilitate them.

    I have provided some general guidelines for hosting a Mafia game. Some of these are highly recommended, in fact almost mandatory to implement in some cases (as these situations will inevitably arise).


    • No Outside Communication, unless your faction (Mafia, Cultist, Mason) allows you to.

    This is effectively cheating. These roles are specifically designed to allow a player to communicate outside of the game. Unless your role states that you can do so, you are not permitted to discuss the game or roles outside of the main thread.

    • Posting requirements of at least two (constructive) posts.

    This is something I would seriously encourage hosts to implement. It effectively works as an 'afk check.' It sets a requirement that all players are supposed to at least make some effort to contribute to the game discussion.

    • Inactivity consequences.

    In the event that a player does not meet the posting or voting requirements for the day, there are several actions that a host can take. These include:
    - A warning (PM'd to the player)
    - Modblocked (If their role has a special ability, it will be revoked)
    - Modkilled (The host of the game killing the player)
    If a player informs the host ahead of time that he/she will not be able to participate in the thread for a period of time, then I feel that some leniency should be given to them. This is up to the host's discretion.

    • Day Phase and Night Phase time limits.

    As with every Mafia game, each phase lasts a specific amount of time. In general, Day Phases last 48 hours while Night Phases last 24 hours. The duration of each phase should be specified in the game thread.

    • Use of Mafia accounts.

    There are actually several accounts created here at EoFF designed specifically to play Mafia. The host has the option to either have everyone play with their normal accounts or use the Mafia-specific accounts. These accounts can be modified to fit the specific theme of each game (meaning their names and pictures can be changed). If a host wishes to use the Mafia accounts, they should PM Psychotic.

    • Organization of the game.

    All rules, especially pertaining to voting and posting requirements, should be clearly stated in the game thread. Additionally, the host should also attempt to organize the events of the game in the first post of the thread. This is the way I have organized the game in the past:

    - Post 1 contains the rules of the game, as well as game-specific rules.
    - Post 2 contains all of the roles within the game.
    - Post 3 contains all of the players as well as the activities performed within the game. The list will be updated as players are eliminated.


    • No more than one mainline Mafia game can be run at a time.
    • Mainline Mafia Games should be titled in chronological order (Mafia I, Mafia II, etc.)
    • Each game may have a different theme.
    • Hosts can continue to host smaller or spin-off games.


    Sign-Up List

    1. Laddy - Dad Mafia
    2. Slothy & FFNut - Starcraft Mafia
    3. Karifean
    4. Pumpkin - Atelier Mafia


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