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Thread: If you could live anywhere in IX...

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    Depends on my profession. If I more affluent than average, Treno without a doubt. So much culture and luxury.

    Otherwise, Lindblum. A relatively free and progressive society, culturally, politically, and scientifically. Plus all the diversity in people and activities!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elly View Post
    i can't think of a place in FF IX where furries don't run rampant, so yeah, there's nowhere safe to stay on Gaia... i'd probably find a cave somewhere to camp out between chicken-rat slayings, until the world is free of all anthros... then i could take my place in Alexandria as the savior that freed the world of the anthro menace... "NPC #128, you have rid the world of chicken-rats and hip-hippos, you have done the world a great service, please take your seat upon the throne..."
    There are furries in Final Fantasy IX? The game just got more awesome, in my opinion.
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