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Thread: EoFF Mafia XXVII Signup Thread

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    Default EoFF Mafia XXVII Signup Thread

    greetings friends, it is time once again to have some fun by trying to kill each other, as it it time for

    EoFF Mafia XXVII: Nightmare at Gekkoukan High

    Formy and myself will be hosting this game together, and we would love to have you play with us. However we do ask that you read the rules of the game. Note that the theme is purely cosmetic, and the role has nothing to do with the account.

    Mafia Rules
    • Unless specifically mentioned in your Assignment PMs, all Mafia related discussion must happen in the Official game thread.
    • Do not reveal your role privately to each other. You can of course roleclaim as part of your strategy in this thread. Just don't do it outside the game.
    • Play nice. Even if you are using second accounts, don't resort to flaming and whatnot. Kill each other without resorting to being mean.
    • Please make all posts in the Game thread under your specific Mafia accounts.
    • Play fair. Also known as the "don't be a slowpoke (ass)" rule. Being an ass includes cheating, diverging completely from your assigned role, going back and deleting or editing all your posts, using asshole-ish methods to find out information about other people's roles, etc.
    • Do NOT use your Mafia accounts to post in any non-Mafia related threads. A protip is to use a different browser for the mafia account, as well as a different forum skin.
    • Have fun, remember, this is a game.

    Mafia Sign Up

    • Please indicate in this thread or via Mognet if you wish to play the game. Send the message to both myself and Formy
    • Indicate whether you would like to share an account and who you would like to share with. Keep in mind that we may split you up before the game if not enough people sign up
    • Do NOT sign up if you're not going to be an active player! Getting replacements is a pain in the butt!
    • Games will last anywhere from 1-2 weeks. Give or take. Keep this in mind when signing up.
    • Post any suggestions or questions you might have.
    • If you sign up with a PM, you will appear on the player list as ?????

    The players
    1) Karifean
    2) Freya
    3) Vivi22
    4) Bubba
    5) Mr. Carnelian
    6) Huckleberry Quin
    7) FFNut
    8) Scruffington
    9) laddy

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