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    It is not that those other characteristics are not here. The thing is that Cloud's screentime in Advent Children and Kingdom Hearts is not stretched to that of a 50 hour RPG where he is the main character. That is the reason why characters like him and Aerith might appear a bit one-dimensional in such situations and then seem to be "reduced" to the depressed guy and the most cheerful woman ever even though they very well have their other sides. You cannot focus too much on a multi-facetted character in such a short time so you choose to use some more relevant characteristics and/or the very obvious/well known ones. Just as Sephiroth gets the "superhuman arrogant white-haired black-clothed" villain treatment in such situations even though he is way more, especially a man whose human pride has been much harmed by Cloud, a mere blue ShinRa guard, making his grudge be such an essential part of his being that it is one of his main drives nowadays.

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    ahh disagree, as said before, WOFF had Cloud as a cameo and they did that really well. Not the best, but so much stronger than KH and Dissidia.

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    "Disagree" about what? It is a common thing that in crossovers or similiar things where people have shorter screentime get reduced character-wise. That is not something I made up on spot. Cloud happens to be maybe a bit more multi-facetted in World of Final Fantasy but for FFVII Advent Children we did not have enough time nor did the story fit enough to show multiple sides of his character, even less in Kingdom Hearts. With enough screentime and a a script that demands it, there can be more sides shown. I have not reached the Cloud point of World of Final Fantasy yet but if it really is like you described it does still fit with my explanation - not because of the screentime but the scripted part. For further information I need to take a look at him in World of Final Fantasy.
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    When you think about it, this movie honestly had no reason to exist. It added nothing meaningful to the story, characters or lore, but rather DETRACTED from them. Oh look, Sephiroth and Shinra are still around despite your best efforts, therefore making most of the original PS1 game a complete waste of time since you didn't really accomplish anything. And Cloud still has a stick up his arse over something that was supposed to have been resolved in the original game. As for anyone else, who gives a flying trout. Thanks Nomura.

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    Yeah, I never thought Cloud was inherently cheerful, but at the end of the game he was friendly and confident. All this mopey stuff really made the character development move backwards.

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