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Thread: EoFF XXVII Game Thread - Day Five - Showdown in the Velvet Room

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    Default EoFF XXVII Game Thread - Day Five - Showdown in the Velvet Room

    Mafia XXVII
    Nightmare at Gekkoukan High

    It all happened so fast. It was just an ordinary evening at Gekkoukan High. There were reports of suspicious activity occurring at the school after dark, just like what happened before summer break. All the members of S.E.E.S arrived to investigate, splitting up individually to scout the area, because such a plan could never backfire.

    A scream pierced through silence. Heads turned and senses sharpened. Another scream, but different. It came from the Student Council room. Everyone rushed to see what had happened. When they arrived, they saw a terrible sight. One of their own, their co-leader Minako, lay dead on the ground, blood pooling in a small circle from under her.

    [M] Minako was a paradox played by Minako!

    Your next memory is waking up to a strange room. It was purple, velvet drapes flowing to the floor. To your left and right, the other members of S.E.E.S have also just awoken. At the back, sitting in front a huge elevator grate, was a large-nosed man. He had a wierd smile.

    Welcome to the Velvet Room

    "The Moon: mystery. The Tower: disaster. The Devil: bonds.

    Among you, three are members of Strega, an evil organisation bent on destroying the world. That includes Elizabeth and Theodore; my assistants may have also been compromised. You must find them. I have trapped you all in the Velvet Room, use this time to find the traitors and deal with them. They have already killed one, and they will kill again.

    I cannot interfere. Best of luck to you all."


    When you are voting, please do so in this format:
    ##vote: name

    You may unvote for people. In this case:
    ##unvote: name

    You can also vote for no lynch:
    ##vote: no lynch

    If at anytime, a majority of votes is reached (the cap will be announced at the start of each day), then that day ends immediately and the person is lynched or no lynch comes into effect.

    If there is no majority, then the one with the most votes will be lynched (or no lynch). If there is a tie at the end of the day, sudden death comes into effect.

    Day & Night Phases

    Day phases (with the exception of Day Zero) will last a total of 48 hours. During this time, you must chat and discuss amongst yourselves the identity of the scummy Mafia/Strega members. Your vote is also essential during this phase.

    Night phases will last a total of 24 hours, or until all actions have been submitted. Night kills and other actions can take place during this phase. To submit a night action, please Mognet me, though your Role PM will have the full details (if you guys want a fixed night phase, we can discuss it in the discussion thread!)

    Basic Rules

    • Unless specifically mentioned in your Assignment PMs, all Mafia related discussion must happen in the Official game thread. Please do not discuss the game using instant messengers, IRC, Private Messages, voice chats, phone calls, snail mail etc. etc.
    • Do not reveal your role privately to each other. You can of course role claim as part of your strategy in this thread. Just don't do it outside the game.
    • Play nice. Even if you are using second accounts, don't resort to flaming and whatnot. Kill each other without resorting to being mean.
    • Please make all posts in the Game thread under your specific Mafia accounts.
    • Play fair. Also known as the "don't be an ass" rule. Being an ass includes cheating, diverging completely from your assigned role, going back and deleting or editing all your posts, using asshole-ish methods to find out information about other people's roles, etc.
    • Do NOT use your Mafia accounts to post in any non-Mafia related threads. All of the roles were assigned randomly to a player and then those were randomly assigned to the character.
    • Don’t share with others who you are or what your password is or what your role is.
    • Don't edit your posts in the game thread. If you wish to make further statements, please do so in a new post.

    Roles in Use

    The following roles are in use:

    • 2 Mafia Goons
    • 1 Mafia Roleblocker
    • 5 Vanilla Townies
    • 1 Town Cop
    • 1 Compulsive Doctor
    • 1 Town Tracker

    Current Players
    Victim Log

    - [M] Yukari | Vanilla Townie | Lynched on the First Day
    - [M] Theodore | Vanilla Townie | Lynched on the Second Day
    - [M] Minato | Vanilla Townie | Killed on the Second Night
    - [M] Koromaru | Mafia Goon | Lynched on the Third Day
    - [M] Aigis | Compulsive Doctor | Killed on the Third Night
    - [M] Ken | Mafia Goon | Lynched on the Fourth Day
    - [M] Mitsuru | Edgy Cop | Killed on the Fourth Night
    - [M] Elizabeth | Mafia Roleblocker | Lynched on the Fifth Day

    - [M] Akihiko | Vanilla Townie | Survived the Final Day
    - [M] Junpei | Town Tracker | Survived the Final Day
    - [M] Shinjiro | Vanilla Townie | Survived the Final Day

    Jump To...

    - Day Zero | Posts #3 to #21
    - Day One | Posts #22 to #113
    - Day Two | Posts #114 to #286
    - Day Three | Posts #287 to #440
    - Day Four | Posts #441 to #532
    - Day Five | Posts #533 to #563

    Day Five
    Final Phase

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