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Thread: Let's Play the BEST GAME EVER!!! (FFIX)

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    I feel like they don't give you enough time to dig for Chocobo's Air Garden.

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    We are back and getting to the end of the game, can you believe it? A few sections left and they're pretty story heavy so bare with me. Afterwards I will be hopping right in to Final Fantasy VIII if that interests you!
    First thing's first, Zidane finds a spot for Garnet to rest, but he starts not feeling so hot himself

    Eiko meanwhile is asking the locals for some medicine without much success

    >Eiko travels to a whole new place with a different culture
    >Calls them all weirdos

    Anyways, cute pink Zidane from before shows up and asks where Zidane is, which Eiko misconstrues as flirting

    Her response doesn't do much to clarify things, let's be honest

    Eiko, as you can see, is having none of it. Ain't nobody allowed to flirt with the man her bestie is in love with that she has a crush on

    Back with the others, Garnet is resting and Freya notices that Zidane has been a bit gloomy

    Garnet wakes up and explains why she fainted when she saw The Invincible

    It's because she realized what we realized a whole disc ago

    So Zidane glooms about and heads to the Underground Laboratory after Eiko begrudgingly gives him the message and upon seeing the people in the weird test tube like things, he realizes what's been going on

    Pink Zidane explains a bit more to fill in some of the blanks

    And Regular Zidane is pretty bummed about the whole thing

    After wondering why he's not a zombie like the other Genomes


    She basically explains how the Genomes are basically without souls and that Garland made them

    See the Genomes aren't the Terran people. They're basically soulless vessels. If you remember the Oeilvert section, Terra fell on some hard times etc

    Well that doesn't sound concerning!

    Oh, okay!

    When Zidane asks why now, Pink Zidane explains that they had to wait until the right time

    Garnet gets worried about Zidane and sends Eiko out to look for him. But he is first found by Quina who tries to find the food in every situation

    After awkwardly licking the stone to taste it, he sees Zidane who is moping about.

    Elsewhere in town, Vivi is trying to converse with the Genomes, who aren't being very responsive. When Zidane comes along, Vivi says they remind him of how the Black Mages were when the first saw them way back on the cargo ship

    Can't tell if insulting or not

    After Zidane mops away some more and talks to Amarant about how mopey they both are, he meets back up with Pink Zidane so that he can go and meet with Garland

    People with castles are so pretentious

    Eiko saunters up after Zidane leaves and wonders why he went alone, not fully believing Mr. Teamwork WOULD go alone

    Sensing that something is off, Eiko rushes to get the others

    Zidane, meanwhile, magical tree harp teleports to Garland's castle

    And immediately insults it

    We meet up with Garland who is basically all business and not at all concerned about us showing up in his soul castle unannounced.

    Zidane is pretty upset about the whole Terra taking over Gaia thing that Pink Zidane mentioned

    "I don't want to destroy Gaia, I just want to essentially destroy it"

    So anyways more plot dump about the genome sent to disrupt the flow of souls on Gaia through war

    Omg Zidane, you can't just ask people why they don't have tails

    So he's basically a teenager

    Garland continues to walk very slowly through his castle while monologuing

    But you see, eventually Kuja would die, so he made a new Genome, Zidane, to essentially replace him

    It's not uncommon for an older sibling to feel rejected when a newborn arrives in to the family

    That is usually less common though

    So he creates wars because wars mean more deaths which means more soul stuff

    And yes, we did do that Zombie Tree battle on disc 2, but Garland assures us that we didn't stop anything

    He also shows us his nifty glowing soul globe

    I wish I had one.

    So after all of that, Zidane is pretty bummed that it turns out he was created to destroy Gaia

    And so he reacts in the most reasonable way possible

    Uh, sure

    And he decides to do it solo because it's a family matter or whatever, but with everything going on, he kind of has a breakdown

    And thus did FFIX sum up depression

    He is woken up by Vivi and Eiko

    But Zidane is not really feeling it

    After the two press him further, he snaps

    He leaves them behind and ends up in a fight against a beastie, when Freya and Amarant arrive to rescue him

    After leaving them behind, he runs in to Quina and Steiner who are also concerned about him

    Aww, he cares about him

    But Zidane leaves them behind too

    We end up in another fight and Garnet has to show up to heal our sorry behinds

    And fuss at us a little bit too

    Okay, a lot

    Garnet gets upset at him again because the whole game he was Mr. Friendship and always there telling them to rely on him, but he won't do the same

    A few others arrive to show that she's right and they care about our hero

    You tell 'em Quina

    They're besties now :3

    And with that, Zidane's character comes full circle. He apologizes for being a jackass and the group decides they're going to go kill Garland TOGETHER

    BECAUSE FRIENDSHIP IS POWER or something to that effect

    Next time we go face off against Garland and probably get to the last disc. Stay tuned~
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    Absolute best part in the game right there.

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    Big update incoming as we finish disc 3 and finish up some sidequests before the final dungeon!
    We head through the annoying dungeon that is Pandemonium and deliver a mognet from that Terran moogle that was super hype about this whole mognet thing

    The other moogle was sufficiently less hype about it

    We find Garland further in, monologuing to himself as he likes to do

    Someone just took Philosophy 101

    Get em Zidane

    "I'm the only one allowed to monologue!!!"

    I hope you're ready for a boss rush~

    First we fight a Silver Dragon

    It was very easy, I beat him with counterattacks while I was trying to steal

    So then we have some more questions for Garland about this whole Terra souls thing

    There's actually a neat little touch of body language here. He was facing us all head on and confident until he mentions that and then he turns away

    This leads to another boss fight, this time with Garland. If you Focus Vivi while Zidane steals, Flare should do a full 9999 damage to him and the fight won't be super hard. Worst thing is he likes to cast Stop so remedy that fast

    After the fight, we prepare to lecture Garland about friendship again but Kuja comes in with The Invincible

    Who is he even talking to?

    Himself, I guess

    So Kuja pops on down

    And that leads to our third boss fight. Still not super tough, should be able to deal with it without much problem if you've put the work in and equipped good skills like auto-regen

    But after we defeat him

    He goes all Trance on us

    And pulls that crap. But hey, he has a tail now!

    Basically, The Invincible absorbs souls when it does its whole evil eye thing and he is using their power to Trance

    And apparently it absorbed a very powerful soul by the Iifa Tree. Queen Brahne's soul

    Look at Zidane taking a nap over there. Lazy

    And so he just kicks Garland off the edge. And so does Garland meet his anticlimactic end

    Although he does manage to antagonize Kuja one last time before he finally passes

    Garland created Zidane to replace Kuja and now that Zidane has become more powerful, it'll soon be bye bye Kuja

    And so Garland gives Kuja one last massive Screw You before his life ends

    Kuja doesn't deal with this news very well

    Ah yes the "If I can't be alive neither can anyone else" line of reasoning. This is why people who are afraid of death don't get to have superpowers

    And then Kuja begins angrily destroying Terra. Juts like straight out destroying the entire planet

    The party decides this is a good time to leave

    Garnet joins Zidane and the two of them head back to Bran Bal while the others secure the ship

    On the way, Zidane gets a bit creeped out

    And Garnet gives zero craps

    While they wait for the teleporter to activate and bring them to Bran Bal, Zidane apologizes for his earlier behaviour when he went all selfish antisocial jerk and tells her he has something else to say, but gets shy about it

    After Garnet fusses at him for the stupid joke, he finally says what's on his mind

    He thanks her for rescuing him and the two get close as the teleporter finally activates

    Meanwhile, during the escape...

    The others get to the ship, while Quina somehow teleports from underneath it

    And Zidane goes to rescue the Genomes, where he finds his sister Pink Zidane and tries to get her to leave

    When she asks if he has an answer he responds with

    She also finally opens up to us a little bit and we learn that he name is not Pink Zidane, sadly

    And so everyone hops on The Invincible and gets the heck out of Terra before it is annihilated

    And we arrive safely back in Gaia

    But our troubles aren't over yet

    The party doubts that this will be the end of Kuja

    And they easily figure out the most important place on Gaia where they can probably confront him

    There's more bad news though

    Welcome to disc 4!

    Before we get to the whole confronting Kuja thing, we need to drop our friends the Genomes off at a special place where they will be well cared for

    So the Genomes try and get used to the locals, including the absolutely adorable Bobby Corwin

    Look how cuuuutee

    Bobby Corwin then proceeds to chase the Genome

    Quina offers his/her own life advice

    And others learn about the differences between the two worlds

    With the Genomes resettled, we go to head out on our quest to the final dungeon

    Mikoto comes out to show her support

    Zidane calls her his little sis, which she says is silly while turning away in embarrassment, and then we head out to sidequest before the end game!

    First thing Imma do is get all of the Stellazzio. There's actually one on The Invincible, which we now get to fly around

    We bring all 12 coins to Queen Stella

    And with that we head to a place very nearby to get the conclusion to our story

    Aww :3

    Using a Dead Pepper, we can also solve the problem of Mognet Central

    Basically one of the moogles was using the oil for the gears to give himself shiny fur

    First step is to head back to Alexandria where we can check up on the rebuild efforts

    Little Ilia is super presh

    You can also get a card here from one of the townsfolk and we see that Ruby is having some trouble with her main star

    Dem legs on Lowell tho

    At the bell tower you can buy the final items from Stiltzkin who escaped Terra just fine, obviously

    And he gives us a ribbon. You can also speak to Kupo who will initiate the quest to help Mognet Central

    We then have to go around the world delivering letters to moogles. At one point we are brought back to Black Mage Village where we can check up on everyone, and apparently an item in my inventory reacts with the musical box in the Inn

    That's quite the music box...

    Mikoto wonders what the point of cemeteries is since the dead people probably don't care, and Mr. 288 explains that it's a way to show that they will remember them

    Mr. 288, always a well of knowledge, also explains why he thinks the Genomes and Black Mages are so similar

    We continue delivering mail

    Which eventually leads us right back where we started, in Alexandria

    And it turns out Ruby had it the entire time. So we get some from her and head back to Mognet Central where things get fixed back up again

    Now there are a few more sidequests you can do like fighting the super boss in Chocobo's Air Garden, getting all of the Dead Pepper locations, finding the beaches and Chocobo's Paradise. I'll leave some things to mystery for those who have never played the game. But I'll only be doing one last sidequest, which is incredibly convoluted.

    First, head back to Madain Sari with Garnet in your party and go to the outdoor area of Eiko's house. You'll see Lani who will run away. Head back to The Invincible and make up a party that has neither Garnet nor Amarant and head back. Lani will talk to you this time and tell you a bit about what's been going on

    She got tired and the moogles took her in and have been taking care of her. She now feels bad about the selfish, money grubbing lifestyle she once had, and mentions that Eidolon Wall might have some nifty info

    So head over to Eidolon wall and walk clockwise around the circular room, past the ! of the entrance, until you hear a chime sound in the song. The walk counterclockwise and do the same thing. Then switch back to clockwise and continue this pattern 9 times until you get a message saying everyone has been healed. Now you can head around the room and learn more about the summoner's tribe

    As you examine all of the summons and get info, you'll notice one of the summons (Ifrit) isn't able to be examined. Once you've examined all of the other ones, return to Ifrit where you get the final message, some words from Garnet's father

    And that is where we will end for today. Next time we take on Memoria and finish up the game!

    Stay tuned~
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    Are you guys ready for the finale? Big update incoming, I apologize in advance.

    First thing is to head to Memoria when you're ready. Make sure you are ready because it's basically like 8 bosses with story and a bit of walking in between. You'll be able to recognize Memoria because it looks like this

    Oh and also just a ton of silver dragons come flying out

    Like just... a TON of them. We start getting attacked, but thankfully some backup arrives

    Now that the mist is back, the airships can fly again!

    Pew pew dragon airship fights happen

    But not only did the Lindblum fleet and the Hilda Garde 3 show up, the Red Rose arrives to lend a hand too

    Aww they're in love :3

    When Garnet asks Steiner what he meant by that, he goes scurrying to the side

    Anyways, thanks to the help of the others, we get a clear path in to Memoria

    Where we have to fight this thing in the ugliest background of all time

    It's not a super hard fight if you can keep from ripping your eyeballs out

    Anyways, we head in to Memoria, which is weird, and Zidane starts hearing a voice

    And the voice belongs to none other than

    Our good friend Dead Garland!

    Creative naming there

    Further in the dungeon, we get to fight the Fiend from the Fire Shrine

    Not a very hard fight. I should mention to CHECK EVERYWHERE THOROUGHLY in Memoria, even if it looks like there's nothing. There's a lot of hidden save and card masters (for some reason?) and ultimate weapons. Be thorough in your search

    Further in we see Alexandria castle

    And suddenly the attack and Bahamut vs Alexander thing starts playing back

    But Quina apparently didn't see anything

    And then Garland starts giving us history lessons

    Further in, we see another memory of a little girl and her mom

    Which Zidane could oddly see even though he wasn't there

    Instead of a straight answer, we get more History Time with Garland

    But he explains a bit more as we get further in

    But once again, back to history lessons. Garland is nothing is not cryptic and vague

    As we walk up to the giant eyeball in the sky (as you do) we fight another one of the fiends, this time from the Wind Shrine

    But Tiamat was wrong and now Tiamat is dead

    Further in we see some more weird stuff

    Also you probably didn't notice just from the LP, but there are two moons in the game, a blue one and a red one. We now know that the red one is actually Terra's moon

    In all honesty, despite the planet assimilation nonsense, I'm starting to feel a bit bad for Terra

    Next we end up in an ocean

    After a brief moment of Quina worrying that s/he is drowning, Zidane tells him/her that it's all in the mind and we proceed forward with Quina being able to breathe again

    It's actually neat learning about the history of this fictional planet, I like it

    Next is the water fiend we didn't get to see when Eiko and Garnet were at the Water Shrine

    So ugly. Probably also the easiest of the fiend fights. Enjoy your breather boss, it only gets worse from here!

    Next boss is the Earth Shrine fiend who likes to try and death at your characters

    After beating him up we head further in and find just... space

    And wander through space we do

    Until we reach a small light

    Is it just me or is this starting to feel like a school field trip to a museum

    And gee, what could that presence be?

    You didn't really expect this throwback to classic FF to not have the crystal show up at some point, did you?

    And with that, Garland is gone. Again

    Can't shut up even after death

    Kuja is so polite, what a nice young man

    OOOOHHHHHH we get right to the heart of it. Thems, of course, fightin words

    But first we have to fight this stupid thing

    And then we get to fight Kuja

    So he pulls the same Ultima crap when we win the fight and things start falling apart

    And then NO LAST BOSS FIGHT HAPPENS THAT IS ABSURDLY TOUGH and we get brought back to the Iifa Tree somehow, which we find going all kooky and haywire

    Apparently Memoria kind of exploded and the Iifa Tree is going psycho, so Beatrix worries that this is the end for our heroes

    And she knows this and where they are because she can hear "him"

    Since the Hilda Garde is closer, the Regent comes to our rescue

    But before we can board the ship to our happy ending...

    And Zidane being Zidane cannot refuse to help someone in need, even while the others try and talk him out of it


    After realizing it's futile to try and talk him out of it, the others leave him to it with some parting words

    And he and Garnet have their touching goodbye

    Good guy Steiner over here giving them some privacy

    And so the two part as the Hilda Garde takes off and Zidane stays behind to rescue Kuja

    Goodbye short haired Garnet, you didn't get nearly enough time in the spotlight

    So Zidane daredevil runs through the crazy Iifa Tree routes to go and rescue Kuja. Very reminiscent of Evil Forest from the beginning

    And eventually he reaches Kuja, who is happy to learn that our friends escaped

    Zidane tells him that no one is worthless and that they were rescued because of Kuja (the one Mikoto heard so she could tell everyone where we were). Kuja then says that he finally learned what it means to live, just in time to die

    But unfortunately that is exactly what he does as Zidane then shields Kuja with his own body as the killer plant stuff comes attacking once again

    Mikoto has some parting words for Kuja

    In the end, Kuja kind of got his wish and he now gets to live on in the Genomes memories forever

    "Vague amount of time later"

    We are back in Alexandria, and it seems there is a play going on. 'I Want to Be Your Canary'

    A young black mage boy walks through town before being bumped in to by a brat kid named Puck.

    Puck immediately recognizes the black mage as Vivi

    But he isn't Vivi

    Soon we say many little Vivi's run through the town on their way to see the play

    As for what happened to Vivi...

    Freya and Sir Fratley have fortunately found themselves with a happier ending

    As have Lani and Amarant, who are also headed for the castle. Quina is the chef for the event once again

    But Beatrix has made the sad decision to leave the Kingdom

    Vivi's last testament reads out in the background as we see what everyone is up to

    Eiko has now been adopted by Cid and Hilda and finally has a family again

    And Steiner confesses his feelings for Beatrix before she makes the mistake of leaving

    And so she runs in to his arms, content to stay here with him

    Garnet mourns the loss of Zidane, whom she has not seen since the Iifa Tree incident

    But she puts on a brave face and decides to press forward

    The play begins

    As it continues on though, we have a surprise

    It's not Marcus playing the lead this time

    Seeing him after "some time" (it has to be decently long for all that hair to grow back) Garnet rushes through the crowd to him

    She drops her jewel on the way

    But she decides that Zidane is more important and keeps running, even discarding her crown as she goes

    And leaps in to his arms where she punches him for a bit for being gone for so long

    The kingdom rejoices

    And Zidane explains that he survived because he had to. And

    The credits role as the crowd, tour friends, and the new little Vivi's celebrate their happiness

    And so ends the amazingly beautiful story of Final Fantasy IX

    What a journey.

    I hope you all enjoyed and if so, I'll be starting an FFVIII LP in a few days! Not quite as majestic but still a wonderful game~

    Thanks for following!

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    It was an awesome LP to follow along =P

    Reminded me again of just how good this game actually was.

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    It always appeared to me that Eiko adopted Cid and Hilda rather than the other way around.

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