Has everyone gathered? Good, then let us raise the curtain on this game.
Welcome... to the banquet of the voyager witches.

EoFF Mafia XXVIII - Banquet of the Voyager Witches

Umineko OST - F style

Welcome to my second gameboard! I hope that everyone is familiar with the basic rules of Mafia, because this gameboard will be a little spin on the usual formula. Rules of conduct are as listed in the signup thread. In the context of this game, I will say that infringing upon the rules in a severe manner will result in you getting modkilled, or in other words, eliminated from the game instantly. If you are found to be provoking a modkill for strategic purposes, your entire team loses instead. To put it in a nutshell: No rulebreaking, alright?

The discussion topic can be used to discuss the game at will.


The players in this game will be these fellow voyagers:

  • Scruffington
  • Formalhaut
  • Pumpkin
  • The Summoner of Leviathan
  • FFNut
  • Fynn
  • Huckleberry Quin
  • Laddy
  • Mr. Carnelian

Basic Setup

At the start of the game, every player is given an identity and an alignment. Alignments are categorized in two types:

Human Aligned players want to eliminate all players on the witch team.

Witch Aligned players want to eliminate all players on the human team.

The game progresses in two phases that alternate continuously: Daytime and Nighttime Phases. Daytime Phases last 48 hours, with Halftime taking place at around 24 hours in - it will contain a log of votes so far and a small narrative. During Daytime, players are free to cast votes. Voting for "No Death" is an option. The "majority lockdown" can only happen after Halftime in this game - this means if during or after Halftime a player (or No Death) gets more than 50% of all remaning players' votes, I will lock down the vote and the Daytime phase ends early. You are free to still talk, but votes done after the chronological moment of the lockdown will be ignored. If the 48 hours run out, the player with the most votes is executed / no one is executed if No Death has the most votes. After that, the Nighttime phase begins.

Nighttime lasts 24 hours. During this time players may send PMs to me for their night action, which is unique (or sometimes even nonexistant) depending on the character they play. During Nighttime you can still talk in the Game Thread. The nighttime phase may end early depending on when I get all night action PMs. After Nighttime ends, the next Daytime phase begins.


Unlike in my last game, identities and abilities are tied to one another in this game. This means that if someone knows your identity, they might be able to deduce your ability. So unlike last game where revealing your identity simply allowed you to be pinpointed in the narrative writeups (which are still a thing in this game), revealing your identity in this game is a riskier move.

As I don't expect anyone here to be exceptionally familiar with the When They Cry series, here is a list of identities that may appear in this game:

List of Identities (click)

Battler Ushiromiya, Mystery Enthusiast - Ability: "Investigate"
Kinzo Ushiromiya, Imposing Family Head - Ability: "Coerce"
Kyrie Ushiromiya, Critical Thinker - Ability: "Deduce"
Natsuhi Ushiromiya, Devoted Wife - Ability: "Glare"
Eva Ushiromiya, Sly Usurper - Ability: "Whisper"
Shannon, Resigned Servant - Ability: "Envelop"
Kanon, Determined Servant - Ability: "Cut"
Maria Ushiromiya, Apprentice Witch of Origins - Ability: "Convince"
Bernkastel, Witch of Miracles - Ability: "Miracle"
Lambdadelta, Witch of Certainty - Ability: "Sweeten"
Dlanor A. Knox, Benevolent Executor - Ability: "Judge"
Willard H. Wright, Jaded Inquisitor - Ability: "Intimidate"
Tohya Hachijo, Script Editor - Ability: "Rewrite"
Keiichi Maebara, Magician of Words - Ability: "Defend"
Rena Ryuuguu, Best Friend - Ability: "Stalk"
Mion Sonozaki, Club Leader - Ability: "Expose"
Shion Sonozaki, Alternate Persona - Ability: "Repeat"
Rika Furude, Beloved Child - Ability: "Cute"
Satoko Houjou, Trap Specialist - Ability: "Stealth"

Featherine Augustus Aurora, Author Authority - Ability: "Write"

Of course, only 9 of these abilities (10 including my own) will actually be in the game.

As you may have noticed, every identity comes with a specific ability. Chances are you aren't going to recognize a lot of them, or others you believe you do recognize come with a twist. What do they all do, exactly? Well, you get all the information you need in your Role PM, which may look something like this:

Example Role PM (click)
Quote Originally Posted by Karifean
Your identity in this game is

Featherine Augustus Aurora, Author Authority

You are Unaligned. There is no victory or loss for you in this game. Have fun playing nonetheless!

Your ability is Write. You are permitted to manage all game-relevant PMs and are free to design the game however you please.

As for other players' abilities, well, perhaps you'll be able to deduce how they works from how things play out...? Or maybe they'll be nice and just tell you upfront if you ask. You never know~

Also, yes, you saw that correctly, there are no vanillas in this game. However, just as a warning, if you believe you can simply defeat the witches by having everyone claim their identity and have the narrative writeups confirm everyone's stories, you might run into some issues.

Identities/Abilities and alignments are not connected. Any identity/ability may appear on either alignment. Instead, Witch Aligned players have the ability to replace their usual night action with "Kill". That is how night kills are made. Although there may or may not be an identity that can kill regardless...

Special Rules

Everything up until now was the basic setup and ruleset of the game, however there are some additional quirks in this game which I want you guys to figure out for yourself. But how is that fair, not even giving the players the full ruleset to work with? Well I have no intention of making things impossible to figure out.

Along with your role PM, every player is given a Red Truth, a fact about the game's hidden rules. You may decide to share or not share your knowledge. If you do decide to share it, you have the option of making a Purple Statement.

What is a purple statement? Well to put it simply, it wouldn't be too constructive if everyone decided to smurf with one another and make up hidden rules of their own while keeping their actual knowledge stored away. Thus, I introduce this rule: The only purple statements Human Aligned players may make is the Red Truth they are given at the start of the game. This means that when a player makes a purple statement, you can be 100% it is the truth if and only if the player is Human Aligned. Witch Aligned players on the other hand have the privilege to say whatever they want in purple.

So basically, this is how it works.

  • Every player is given a Red Truth which gives information on one of the game's hidden quirks.
  • Human Aligned players may repeat the Red Truth they are given in the Game Thread in purple. They are not allowed to use the purple for any other purpose.
  • Witch Aligned players may use purple color to say anything they want.

If all this seems difficult, do not worry. Besides the details of character abilities, there is no hidden rule in this game that is not expanded upon in any of the red truths. Surely, if you work together, you will be able to figure everything out in no time...? Oh but perhaps the witches are better left in the dark about some facts...? Who can say...

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask over in the discussion topic, which should be going up just about at the same time as this topic. Alternatively, you can also write me a private message, though if the question is relevant to everyone, it might be better to just ask in the discussion topic instead.

Role PMs will be sent out later today. I hope to be able to answer any clarification questions until then. If you are not a participant and you are reading this around the time this post goes up, you can still send me a PM if you decide you want to participate after all.

With that, I bid you good luck. Have a fun game.

Umineko OST - Answer