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Thread: That terrible shipping thread again

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    I came up with a few more.

    Final Fantasy:

    Bartz / Farris
    (also: Firion / Leila)


    I don't buy the Lena / Bartz romance at all, but this is a pair I always have. The idea of two free spirited, adventurous people exploring the world together, with a strong bond of friendship and hardship shared between them growing into something more just works too well for me not to ship this couple.

    A similar situation occurs with Firion and Leila in FF2, although the intention to pawn Firion off on Maria is far more clear in that title (which is unfortunate considering how much of a shell she is -- I swear she just exists to follow Firion around and provide two sentences of drama with her brother). Leila isn't the best defined either, but I get an innocent feel out of Firion and see the more worldly, driven pirate lady working better for him than the empty tag along.

    SaGa Frontier:

    Asellus / White Rose


    Though the game never outright, to my recollection, says or implies this relationship is romantic, I'm fairly certain everyone that played through Asellus' story came to the conclusion it was. Their bond is quickly established by the game and I always felt they were growing closer as Orlouge continued attempting to recapture them. You also cannot ever recruit one without the other.

    Tales of Eternia:

    Farah / Rassius


    This is one of those pairings that the game goes out of its way to prevent being a thing, as Ras and the Princess are clearly attracted to each other and Farah kind of has Reid going for her, but this was always the pair I wanted instead. Reid / Farah work much better as childhood friends and Farah ultimately reshapes Ras' path in life -- it could have been a really great romance if Namco had decided to pursue it.

    Lunar: Eternal Blue

    Jean / Hiro


    Lucia and Hiro have one of my favorite RPG romances and it isn't one I'd consider replacing with this pairing, but it's a close enough second that I figured I'd include it, just in case Hiro, you know, ever decides against completing the epilogue.

    Mass Effect

    Shepard / Garrus

    You know something, I should hate this pairing, I really should. I felt the romance dialogue in Mass Effect, in general, was awful, abrupt, and unnatural, especially at the start of things, and Garrus' was no exception. What was good, however, was everything else about the pairing, and the romance between them, born from trial, trust. and friendship, feels natural enough that even squirrely dialogue and divergent species can't kill it for me.

    Breath of Fire II

    Ryu / Nina


    Some people like Ryu / Katt, and I kind of see it, but this was always the pairing for me. Nina's generally on the quiet side with her emotions, but it's pretty (undeniably) clear she has feelings for Ryu, and I like to imagine they are reciprocated -- especially if Ryu I / Nina I are any indication. Sucks for that Wing Clan bloodline, though.

    Suikoden V

    Prince / Lyon

    I don't think Lyon wants this to be romantic. But we all know it is. >:3 Theirs is a romance eclipsed only by . . .

    Georg Prime / Cheesecake

    Even a decade later and a continent away, this man and his cake remain inseparable.

    The Last Blade 2

    Kaori 'Kojiroh' Sanada / Washizuka


    While I've never found anything to official imply anything between these two, I've always paired them together in my head. While this may be due to their similar fighting styles and outfits (both being part of the same military squad), Washi also knows that Kaori has assumed her brother's identity at the head of the squad following the events of the first game and both keeps her secret and follows her loyally. I generally like to assume there is some romantic attachment there.

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    Bartz and Lenna > Bartz and Faris
    ღმერთის შვილი შეეხო და მითხრა, რომ ანგელოზთა ფეხები მომეხია.

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    Towa and Angelica from Trails of Cold Steel

    Escha and Logy from Atelier Escha & Logy

    Tifa and Rude from Final Fantasy VII

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    Valygar & Mazzy from Baldur's Gate II is so cute, wish that storyline got finished. Sexy dreadlocked ranger being dawned over by a super posh halfling knight? She makes him his unwitting squire which he grows to like? Adorable.

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    Hope/Vanille because they're actually cute together and I hate Fang.

    Cloud/Aerith because I've come to love their tragic relationship a lot more as I grow up.

    Serge/Kid because it just makes sense and they look good together.

    Grahf/Miang because it's kind of interesting to ship the "dark" versions of the Contact and Elly. Plus they do have some history that is fascinating to think about.

    Leon/Ashley because overtime.

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    Got a new one from the Stormblood trailer.
    Gotetsu and the old lady Au Ra. Gotetsu is already Reinhardt and the old lady have off an Ana vibe, so yeah. I'll be sad if they never interact.

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