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    A.I. VS A.I.

    Nier Automata is the sequel to the PS3/XBox360 title "Nier Gestalt" and "Nier Replicant", which both are two different versions of one story: The story of Nier, a man who cares about the life of the young girl Yonah. In Gestalt she is his daughter, in Replicant she is his sister.

    Nier Automata plays thousands of years after this story and thus is the second story on the timeline spawned by a specific ending of Drakengard 1. This timeline had already doomed mankind from the very beginning. Now long after all this and Nier and Earth being free of humans after an intergalatic alien invasion where machines from outer space were brought to fight against Earth, the greatest creation of mankind exists to fight for those who are supposed to come back from Moon one day: The Androids, artificial human beings which are there to protect the future of humanity.
    The battle has lasted a long time. And soon it seems like they manage to finally win this battle.

    After all the AIs that the Androids are, are actually psychologically living people and the machines are mere lifeless, emotionless creations ... right?
    And the well-being of mankind, the creators of the Androids, is the true purpose of the Android's existence ... or not?


    For the story of Nier 1 please check my thread. There is a quick summary in it.

    The story of Nier 2 Automata is, as mentioned already, about a time long after the first Nier happened. The alien invasion off-screen has happened and the entire war is still going on as machines are still not gotten rid of. Androids, to be more specific, the Yorha units of the Androids are there to help in this problematic time. With the council of humanity being in contact with the Yorha leaders things are supposed to hopefully become normal one day. Of course this is easier said than done because the story brings several hidden truths with it. And not just that, there are also other questions about all sides that the Androids 2B, a female combat unit and 9S a male scanner unit, really wonder about. Being here to assist humanity in this war by fighting in place of them they after a time notice that the so much hated machines do not all seem to be as bad as they think. Not just that, the interesting thing about it - though a very obvious thing from very early on - is, that even the machines are psychologically alive, just like the Androids are. They do indeed have consciousness, they learn, the feel. In classic Drakengard and Nier style with this we are thus confronted with those moments were it is like "hold on, do you realize this might be something that you normally would not do if you are aware of all the important details?" and this is a thing that I really very much appreciate in the storytelling. I am a bit more determined than other though in some situations because I think that there are moments were you definitely can act different and when people who actually say "well you have done the wrong thing" in reality do the only wrong thing and that is being even more inhuman by claiming there is a universally right answer moral-wise. Not everyone values everything equally and that is something I appreciated a lot about Nier 1. It tried to show you the Shades have this secret and you were supposed to find out what you actually do. And I did pity them. But that did not mean that I pitied all of them equally or thought of what I did as "morally wrong" because many of them were just flat-out asses and did also not care for the Replicant's lives as well as had Nier Replicant, so your main character a perfectly fine reason. So this series should be something that definitely makes you think about several things but you should definitely think about how not everything should be valued with a certain weight just because many people think so. I think someone's own children are the most important thing, for example. And I think this should definitely be it. So I am very allergic to those people who say "well you did it for yourself and that is wrong because 1+1 = 2". No. It is not wrong. No one has the right to force you to have the 100% same moral concept and in Nier's case I would have acted exactly the same. And the really interesting thing is, that even though his Yonah is the most important one for him he is very helpful for other people nonetheless and feels very guilty often. Now about Nier Automata: When it comes to such things I am keeping this very simple, just as that story did it already: The machines that give you no reason to fight them are no enemies, the others are. Period. I acknowledge that all of them are alive. The Androids notice that as well. But of course that does not mean they can accept what those machines do.

    The story tries to reach you with another philosophical question: Existence. That is something that is also combined to the entire story about the consciousness and all. However they also approach it from the perspective of Data. Now the thing is: The Androids can die. They are supposed to be able to "save themselves" by uploading their data and so they can be restored in another body. Of course, from a real and absolutely logical perspective these entities would not be the Originals. Why? Because information, so in this case memories, are not what we are. A person is influenced and formed by memories and therefore always and in every second METAPHORICALLY can become a new person. But LITERALLY this person could lose all of their memories and would still be the same entity. Why? Because our existence as THIS being is not our collective of memories. It is the consciousness. The Instance to perceive reality. When you are conscious you are here, when losing consciousness, you are not here. We are the consciousness. This is a psychological fact. And Nier pretty much knows that. It touched that in Nier 1 and it is about that in Nier 2 when it comes to question the machines and all. The problem is though that it tries to mix this truth a bit with its own rules by bringing in memories like memories can bring back the actual essence. Well, if that is the truth in this universe and is then synonymous to our consciousness truth, then it really does not matter. It kind of gets a little bit confusing though because it also does not miss comments like "with just these memories it will not be the you from right now". As said, metaphorically this is very true (in reality) but literally it does not matter at all. A person constantly evolves. My existence is not suddenly destroyed just because I learn and thus gather new information or because I forget and thus reduce information. It will always be that one consciousness and that is what matters. Therefore a perfet clone of you with 100% memory would still be a clone. He has his own consciousness. Imagine you would stand right before this guy. Of course you would not be the same person in the literal way, only metaphorically. And that because you both have your own consciousness that makes you individuals and therefore its own existence (Nier 1 kinda had that point because although Nier Replicant did not have identical memories he still had his own consciousness; the very fact that there was literally another person to even compare Nier Gestalt with shows that they are both two guys and of course the fact that he had his own life was also the point of the story, as the Replicants were totally seen as trash just because their bodies were made for the Gestalts and nobody expected the Replicants to become people by developing consciousness so even after they started living the Gestalts acted like the bodies were for themselves) . If they would have mentioned "by the way your consciousness is virtualized" and all that would also have been enough (with the memories then just being the extra or something) and they actually can transfer themselves, so their consciousness but in some cases it just is all a bit foggy. I am a very nitpicky person but this whole existential topic is one that I think about very often and it is pretty elementary actually. I should not worry too much about it in Nier though because no matter which rules it has, it being our rules, their own or a mix of both, as said, it is not completely unequivocal, by the end of the day they always when it matters in the story want to make sure for you that exactly that person survived. Not replicated. Survived, even if in a new body. So with this being assured I cannot complain too much.

    Now the thing about the story of Nier Automata is though: It misses many opportunities. I cannot express how sad this is for me. It being about background info concerning the past that does not mean there is nothing but there is just not nier-ly enough about the really big things as you might expect as well as is the plot twist presented in a very weird way. The plot twist is something that is to be expected anyway. However you get it presented in about 2/3s of the story and then once again right before the finale. As if you would not have known that already it seemed to be such a big deal again. Of course it is a big deal but it being said before kind of takes out the tension. It does not mean there was not a single bit of info about it added in the end. There was indeed. It just was so anti-climactic as the main thing about it was already known. In general many things were introduced and then basically not talked about too much, no matter if you have reached the True Ending and gotten all important sidequest and archive info or not. For me personally I think the story is fine but I definitely simply because it is Nier, would want to know way more. Way more. So I would hope for a book like Nier 1 got it or another Nier. Well, I always hope for another Nier.


    The Music of the Drakengard series and so also of Nier 2 is pretty much the best video game music that you could possible get recommended from me. Keichi Okabe and Emi Evans are just geniuses of their profession and this world totally profits from their talent to higlight the dramatic and emotional journey of the Androids of Nier 2. If you are a fan of at least some themes of Nier 1 you might also feel glad to hear some new interpretations of them in the sequel. Some things I totally love are a recurring theme of the machines which is played for some more characterized ones and a Copied City one of them made as well as of course the returning Song of the Ancients from Nier 1 and the main theme/ending theme. The music might not be as good as in the first one(no wonder, "Shadowlord, the main theme and final boss theme of Nier 1 is on par with One-Winged Angel for me and OWA is my number one theme of all time) for me but it definitely says "I am Drakengard/Nier music so I am awesome".


    The Gameplay is very solid. It is different from Nier 1 but you will notice some similiarities. Yet as it is supposed to be more action-based this also influenced the overall design very much. Fighting and moving with the characters definitely has its style and I do not get bored watching them in the slightest. The problem is though, as much as it is action-oriented, Platinum Games, which is indeed a very good studio of developers, designed a lot of things that are simply frustrating for me and I cannot fully enjoy at all. And I cannot stand that I cannot fully enjoy a Nier after this incredible gift of god that is Nier 1. My complaints here would be about the saving system and the hacking.


    As you want to get out of it as much as possible - at least hopefully - you have to get through more runs anyway because the two first endings alone are 50% in the story and you have to unlock the rest after it. However, even when you are done with the True End and all I think Nier 2 still provides a very entertaining experience from all sides that you might find yourself returning to. It being the story, the characters, the world, the music, pick what you love. I love it all.

    Final Rating

    Is it as good as Nier 1 for me? Good lord, no. I knew that from the very beginning. Nier 1 presents you a story that could not have been beaten because it gave you the father-role of Nier and I knew if Nier was not going to play at least somewhat of an important role this could not even be remotely as good for me. Still: It is Nier. And it is fantastic. Is it perfect? No. But it is a 10/10 nonetheless.

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    Picked it up, but probably won't play it for a while. I've heard good things, and wanted to support the development

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    Then later you might not want to re-watch this thread.

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    Are you suggesting your review will have spoilers?

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    They always have. I don't want to write reviews without spoilers.

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    To each their own, and thanks for the warning. But that sounds more like a summary or something. Reviews are meant to coax people into the game, why spoil it for them in the process?

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    It is no summary, I always reveal certain plot points and technical information because they are relevant to my rating if I like or dislike those things, et cetera. I don't know why you question that, it is a thread about my valueing of Nier 2, of course it is going to have my style. A bit of summary might blend in. I won't certainly just write a "It has fascinating story, wonderfully composed music and a thrilling combat system made by platinum games. review over." review. That is boring as hell. That is also a part of my reviews and is definikitely mentioned but just not enough. I always focus a lot on the things that very much bothered me or I liked a lot.

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    How about 2B and her skirt?
    ღმერთის შვილი შეეხო და მითხრა, რომ ანგელოზთა ფეხები მომეხია.

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    Wait for it. When I am home the review will be written.

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    ღმერთის შვილი შეეხო და მითხრა, რომ ანგელოზთა ფეხები მომეხია.

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