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Thread: Mafia XXIX: Signup Thread

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    Default Mafia XXIX: Signup Thread

    EoFF Mafia XXIX: The Legend of Zelda Edition (Signup Thread)

    Hey everyone. I'll be hosting my first mafia game here at EoFF. This game's theme will be The Legend of Zelda. While Mafia XXVIII had a lot of fun abilities and interesting mechanics, Mafia XXIX will feature a much more vanilla theme. This means that there are no hidden tricks, and the roles are very straightforward.

    The official role list will not be posted until the actual game thread goes up, but you can expect to see the usual standard mafia roles (and maybe a few new ones too). For the most part the list will include all roles in the game, but there may be some roles in the game that you have to deduce yourself (this will be evident later). I am aiming for approximately 9 players, but more are always welcomed.

    General Rules

    • All game discussion must only take place in the official Game Thread (and the Discussion Thread). No private messaging or discussing the game out of these two threads whatsoever. The only exception to this is the Mafia, who can talk freely to each other.
    • Editing or deleting posts is prohibited.
    • If you're going to be absent for a long period of time (24+ hours), please PM me.
    • You are not allowed to use any PMs I have sent you as evidence in the Game Thread. Example: Don't copy-paste your role PM if you're claiming to be a Vanilla Townie.
    • Once dead, you are no longer able to post in the Game Thread, However, you can still post in the Discussion Thread (as long as you don't contribute anything that would affect the outcome of the game).
    • It is highly recommended that all players use Invisibility Mode during the game. This will prevent users from seeing you messaging someone.
    • We have an official Discord channel for EoFF, which the Mafia can use to add their partner if they wish.
    • If a player fails to vote for two consecutive days, they will be modkilled or replaced.
    • Day Phases last 48 hours. Night Phases last 24 hours.
    • Most important rule: Mafia is a game. The main goal of this game is to have fun and try the best you can to win. Anything personal should be kept outside of the game.

    More rules will be added when the Game Thread is officially open. This covers most of the general rules for the game. Of course, feel free to ask any questions in this thread or message me if you wish.

    Signup List

    1. Karifean
    2. Formalhaut
    3. Fynn
    4. Laddy
    5. Citizen Bleys
    6. Pumpkin
    7. Squall Leonhart Loire
    8. Slothy

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