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Thread: Starcraft Remastered

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    Default Starcraft Remastered

    Well, this is interesting. They're updating the art, but keeping it in the same 2D style. New art for the campaigns, new matchmaking, etcetera. It's supposedly coming with both the original game and Brood Wars. Updating things, but not really changing the mechanics, which should make a lot of people happy, as long time Starcraft players should find everything translates directly.

    Personally, I'm hoping this has some success just so that Blizzard might try to do it for some of their other old games, like the Warcraft series.
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    I want a warcraft prequel RTS series. WC1 and 2 are like the first and second wars but there's soooo much warcraft history, we could have the Nelfs during the sundering or the trolls or there's a lot they can do without messing up the overall warcraft story that WoW is moving forward with.

    The SC remaster is nice but I gotta finish SC2 first haha

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    Hell, eventually.


    Later Warcraft "lore" took the world so far off the rails that it's unrecoverable anyway.

    I'm not really interested. SC was great when it came out. The world has changed since then.

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    Honestly I still play Brood War. It's been almost 20 years and the gameplay still holds up. It's my third favorite video game of all time for a reason. So yeah I'm hyped for this and its widescreen support.

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