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Thread: Weird things you've eaten

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    I ate a flower once to spook a kid who was bugging me.

    It wasn't yesterday.

    Also I accidentally swallowed a fly but who hasn't done that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Carnelian View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by maybee View Post
    A moth, a smurfing MOTH. One got inside my drink when I was looking, and went to take a sip of water and ended up getting a large moth in my mouth. ughhhhhhhghgh. Never again. I always look before drinking now.
    Pretty much the same thing happened to me with a bee. I got lucky, and it didn't sting the inside of my mouth.

    I had eaten a PB&J, "crunchy" pb. While finishing up my glass of milk, I felt what I thought was a peanut remnant. I chewed it up, despite the texture being "off". Once I'd finished the milk, I noticed a large wing from a "Daddy Long Legs" at the bottom.

    That must have desensitized me because...

    I caught a large leaf hopper during a break while watching "The UFC" with friends. Cut it in half and shared it with a friend.

    We were attacked by very large beetles while sitting around the camp fire. I felt one graze my head, smacked at it, and it thumped against a log in the fire, stunning it. It sat there for a moment, just outside the flames, it began to hiss, then sizzle. I grabbed it, snapped it in half, and threw the front portion to one of my brothers (middle). Not bad at all.

    Some might find this weird, but a hotdog with just sourkraut and mustard is heaven.

    I had to replace jelly/honey with thick maple syrup in a peanut butter sandwich. That led to adding Maple Bacon potato chips, and later the addition of maple bacon. Do not try this at home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Colonel Angus View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Carnelian View Post
    My nails. Bit them a LOT when I was younger. For the most part, I've substituted it with picking at my nails. Still catch myself biting them when I'm nervous, though.
    To this day I still bite my nails & the skin along the edge.
    Me, too. All the time often to the point of bleeding and slight discomfort. Then I allow them to head and begin all over again.

    There are also times when the paper wrapper sticks to the food and I look at it like, "I just don't care this time" and eat it anyway.

    Just a few days ago I felt something not-liquid in my water. I don't know what it was, but it was past the point of no return and I swallowed.

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