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Thread: Chrono Cross - favorite character?

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    I had to look up his name and I barely remember why, but Karsh.

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    Nearly any character who gains a particular upgrade or new ability when you find a specific item.

    Here's my complete list:
    Serge with Mastermune * (although I hate the name Mastermune, why couldn't they have stuck with Grandleon?)
    Skelly * (no upgrades, but an undead ally is always neat)
    Lynx * (come on, he's the only cat man in the game)
    Guile **
    Norris **
    Viper with Venom *
    Pierre with Hero's Blade *
    Zoah *
    Nikki * (raise those goat-horns Nikki!)
    Radius * (I love when a frail old person turns out to be a total badass)
    Glenn with Einlanzer ** (can't decide which version of Einlanzer looks cooler, it's slightly altered from the key item, but bonus that Glenn gets two of them)
    Harle ** (same reason I like Harley Quinn... "spro-")
    Turnip * (my Frog is back!)
    Greco *
    Steena *
    Grobyc *
    Orlha after meeting her sister *

    Dario (although I detest the Masamune's design, I chalk it up to Soul Edge-y corruption)
    Slash (I think he looks cooler in CC)
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    Glenn I guess. I mean he's the cool guy with the sword.

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    I played this around 17 years ago, and I don't remember the characters except for Serge and Kid. This game isn't very memorable and so are the characters, and add that there are too many of them.
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    There's a lot of memorable ones.

    Kid, Harle, and Fungi stick out, I guess.

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