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Thread: Cosmic Star Heroine

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    I can certainly see that. I will say that the intro is the weakest part in that regard that I've played (not done with the game yet), but it sort of stays that way to some degree. Unrelated to that, I do think the combat system in particular becomes a lot more interesting with more options, later.

    Basically, my feelings about the game in summation that is relevant to me:

    Graphics and visual style: good
    Audio effects and music: hit and miss
    Combat system: great
    Pacing: kind of bad
    Writing and story: indifferent

    For me, that adds up to something I enjoy.

    Do you get to fight in space?
    I haven't had a fight "in space" yet (just on the surfaces of some alien planets). But I'm not done with it, as I said. Who knows! I do have a spacecraft, after all.

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    i've finished 3 planets and have an asteroid to go to, i haven't come across any space combat, kinda wish there were vehicles like in PS4... i can totally see someone not gelling with the writing, that's the number one complaint i see from most reviews, that it was bare-bones, no real meat to it... honestly i too would have like a more fleshed out story... the Team Attacks are pretty nice but you have to keep a certain shield equipped on Alysa to use them... but as i said earlier Cosmic Star Heroine, like other games, has it's quirks and flaws but for me there's enough there to keep me hooked on trying to Platinum it...

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    Well, I tested it and got a healthy buzz going and fired the game up again. Didn't realize I'd only played 15 minutes before writing it off. But you're right, the cheese factor in the writing is definitely dialed back on the second mission. And the music and atmosphere are beautiful. I know I would have loved this game back in the day. So I'll give it an extended time to pull me in. And even if it doesn't stick, I feel better giving it a more fair shake this time. But you're right. I know there's probably a lot of people on this forum who would love this game and will probably never know it exists. That's how Freedom Planet was for me. I love the older 2D Sonic games, and that game took the formula up to 11. And had its own brand of cheesey dialog and surprisingly compelling drama here and there, and I felt like anyone who even mildly enjoyed an old Sonic gamew as probably doing themselves a disservice by not looking into it. That means little in the grand scheme of things, but at least this game is in good company. Nothing wrong with being a hidden gem I suppose, I just hope the developer does alright at least

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