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Thread: Tales of Mafia XXXI - Super Fun Game Thread

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    Default Tales of Mafia XXXI - Super Fun Game Thread


    Hello everyone, and welcome to Tales of Mafia XXXI! I am your friendly neighbourhood Kohaku and host of this mafia game. You may call me Kohaku or Supreme Overlord Kohaku. Whichever you prefer!

    For those of you who have played the Tales series, you know that there's always a traitor. Well, this time I can promise you that there's more than one! But don't worry, follow your heart and I'm sure things will work out in the end!

    let's get down to the dirty deets! Here are the things you need to know!
    Day phases last 48 hours UNLESS there is a majority lynch. Majority lynches can only happen AFTER HALFTIME, which is after the first 24 hours.
    Night phases last 24 hours. You have 24 hours to send me your night actions if you have any. If you don't send me your action I will hunt you down and kill you. Hahaha just kidding, I'll only take over the action myself, which could seriously mess up your game~ So don't let that happen. Friends don't let friends miss their night action!
    Speaking of, other than mafia peeps who can chat with each other, no one else can communicate outside of the official game thread about game details.
    Don't bring PM/Mognet messages in to this to make your point yada yada
    In order to vote to lynch someone please use the format of ##vote: whoever. I'm not super strict about formatting but I need to know that you actually intend to lynch someone and aren't just discussing it. Use ##unvote: whoever to retract your vote and use ##vote: no lynch to vote not to lynch
    Similarly for night actions, I am not strict on formatting. Just make sure I know what your action is going to be and we're all good!

    Skits are something special for this game, so I will explain a bit about them!
    Everyone has access to one skit that they can activate during the game whenever they choose to, as long as its during the day. In order to activate your skit, simply write in ##skit: activate to activate yours. Again, limit one per person.
    Skits give a behind the scenes look as to the happenings of the game. So, for example, if a night kill failed and someone activates a skit, it might give hints and clues as to why the night kill failed. This will not give direct info like "It failed because x" but instead will give hints and clues. They will be obvious enough though so you won't need to be a rocket scientist to figure them out.
    Because they give a behind the scenes look, the skits will change based on when they are activated. So you can go ahead and activate your right away to get more info right off the bat, or you can wait until you need it. Obviously, because the skits change, you won't know what your skit is until you activate it.
    EVERYONE will see the skits as they will play out in thread. Therefore they can benefit anyone. Keep this in mind.

    Roles that may or may not be in play! Note that they will not all be in play. Remember, there are no vanilla townies in play initially!
    Bodyguard - Will protect someone else from night kills at the expense of their own life. Cannot be night killed if targeted directly.
    Lyncher - Will be assigned a player they need to convince other players to lynch. If they succeed they win no matter which faction wins, but if their target is night killed or lynched without them also voting to lynch that person, they become a vanilla townie.
    Roleblocker - Blocks a person's ability and/or role at night.
    Jailkeeper - Prevents a person from being night killed but also prevents them from using their role or ability.
    Survivor - Must survive until the end of the game to win. They win with either faction.
    Watcher - They will be informed of the name of the player(s) of anyone who targets their chosen player during the night.
    Tracker - They will be told the name of the player that their chosen player targets during the night.
    Doctor - They will protect another player from a night kill.
    Cop - This player can select another player at night and will be told whether they are town, mafia, or other.
    Supersaint - If this player is killed, they will also kill the player whom cast the last vote on them.
    Miller - This player is a townie who will investigate as Mafia to the cop.
    Ascetic - This player is immune to all night actions EXCEPT for night kills.
    Bulletproof - This player cannot be night killed.
    Enabler - If this player is killed, another player will lose an ability or role.
    Godfather - This player is mafia that will investigate as Town to the cop.
    Roleblocker - This player can prevent their target from performing their role/ability at night.


    Remember to ask if you have any questions or anything was unclear or I messed anything up, and have fun!

    The day phase is now open for 48 hours~
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