I know I'm probably one of the few people who think about this because it's such a minor complaint in the game, but the rewards in the Chocobo Hot & Cold mini game feel meaningless and non-awarding. I'm referring the prizes gained from the contained areas like Chocobo's Forest and Lagoon, not the hidden treasures on the world map.

Here are the rewards for those who forgot.

The first two are things you can buy regularly and Gysahl Greens you can even buy right there from the moogle. Ore is a common enemy drop in the Outer Continent, but Ether is decent. The top prizes are all things you can get by other means in the game. I think you might even be able to buy Wing Edges too. I think maybe that would be okay if the prizes were meant as an easier alternate way of obtaining these, but they're harder. It takes a ton of points to get these especially The Robe of Lords and even with the exploit in the Steam version that allows you to move 3 times as fast without affecting the clock, I still wasn't ever close to getting the robe or Protect Ring.

It's a relatively small thing in a great game, but it's something I think about however briefly every time I play the game. I think it would be better if they offered exclusive items for the mini game and reduce the points needed for them. Purchasable items are fine, but having Gysahal Greens on there is kind of dumb to me. A Hi-Potion or a Remedy might be better. What do you think about the rewards and what would you change about them if you could?