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Thread: RNG in games

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    In Dark Souls 2, enemies eventually despawn. So if you're grinding out items, and the RNG God hates you, it's possible to despawn all the enemies of a certain type and never get what you're aiming for. I think in that situation there should be guaranteed drops on the last run before a despawn. Make each enemy guaranteed to drop a piece of armor, and another one guaranteed to drop their weapon before they despawn
    There are multiple ways to respawn the enemies, though. At least three (Bonfire Ascetics, NG+, Covenant of Champions).
    I missed this one. I'm not an anti-spawn person, I get why they did it, and it doesn't really bother me when it happens. I guess my main problem, and why I bring it up is the fact that you can grind out enemies in an area 8 - 12 times (I've heard varying quotes on how many times they re-spawn before disappearing permanently) and never get what you're aiming for. That just means the drop rate is WAY too low. And I don't think people should have to New Game+ their entire game, or zone just to get another chance at stuff. The real problem shows in Dark Souls 3 when they "fixed" this issue and enemies don't despawn anymore. But when you need 30 of an item that only has a 0.1% drop rate, I've heard horror stories of people grinding out 3 enemies for 6 - 8 hours to get what they need. Which is just ridiculous. And New Game+ sadly doesn't even fix that issue. And that's usually using the best item find equipment. So 6 hour grind is the least you can hope for in some cases

    Which means its entirely possible to have a similar issue in Dark Souls 2. Though I don't know covenant items as well in that game. I know there's one that takes 50 items to max out. And if you need that from enemy drops, God help you lol

    Either way, my problem is more drop rate RNG rather than the de-spawn thingy

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    Ugh, most of the time RNG can go die. FFXII probably had some of the worst examples with chests with low spawn rate and low content rates that compound upon each other to create like a 0.01% chance of getting something. It's pretty terrible.

    Oh and FFIV has the worst monster drops. I just finished actually from getting a rainbow pudding from a flan creature to progress a sidequest. 0.4% chance. Like, it was so terrible. and apparently that's not even the only item with such horrendous rates either.

    I mean, I don't mind something having a low-ish drop rate if the monster is common enough. A fairly common creature with even a 5% drop rate seems fair, especially if you can boost the chance somehow. But if it is a boss, or a super-rare enemy, then it just sucks the enjoyment out of a game for me.

    It's one of the things I never understand with MMOs.

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    It's easy to understand with MMOs. They're games that, by their nature, must be designed to never end; RNG drops are one of the only ways to achieve that.

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