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Thread: The most importan RPG in your life...

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    Xenogears is still one of the best, most moving, most insane, game I've ever played. It took me several playthroughs for my young mind to understand what was happening. Also one of the best scores in the history of video games imo.

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    That isn't a ff. Ok it's either mass effect or jade empire. Do those count? Pretty rpgish in my books. No? Well if I had to trace back the earliest RPGs I played that I remember enjoying it was probably illusion of Gaia or super mario RPG. But neither of those affected me as much on a deep personal level like the psx eras ffs did. But there is a title that definitely is not an RPG that did.... Metal Gear Solid. That game absolutely blew my mind in terms of what I thought a video game was and how to tell a story.

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    I think it's easier to list the rpgs I didn't like. For example, the InuYasha rpg I felt was a poor excuse for a game. I didn't like execution if Unlimited Saga. Most online or point and click rpgs make me physically sick.

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    Probably Mass Effect 2.

    I was listening to the soundtrack the other day and got quite emotional over it because - it sounds super lame - but that game really got me through a horrible time when I lived away from home. Just playing a mission a night and getting swept up in it all took me out of my troutty situation and was a routine. Yeah.

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    Tales of Phantasia. It was one of the first RPGs I got after Pokemon, and I really liked how the battle system made you feel involved as opposed to just "select attack, select items, select flee" etc. I remember I was so sad when I beat the game because I didn't want it to end, and I started frantically looking for some sort of sequel. This led me to the Tales of series in general, which was a big part of most of my teenage years. I've beaten Phantasia, Lengendia, Abyss, Symphonia, Graces, and Xillia; and I also own Destiny, Eternia, Symphonia 2, Xillia 2, and Zestiria. I actually have 2 Tales cosplays with plans for more, so the series has definitely had a pretty big impact on me.

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    Golden Sun. First RPG I played all the way through and what cemented my love for the genre.

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    Mother 3. I had been going through a rough time and something about it really grabbed me. I was already a fan of Earthbound and I can see why people prefer that game but I think Mother 3 is probably my favourite in the trilogy. The world, humour and especially music are amazing. The only complaint I have is that some of the characters could have had a bit more development/interaction because they had a ton of potential, but nevertheless all the extra dialogue hidden in the game if you retrace your steps throughout the chapters is pretty impressive.

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