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Thread: Mafia XXXII - Mafia... in Space? Battlestar Galactica Themed Mayhem!

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    Default Mafia XXXII - Mafia... in Space? Battlestar Galactica Themed Mayhem!

    The Cylons Were Created By Man
    They Rebelled
    They Evolved
    There Are Many Copies
    And They Have A Plan

    Hello and welcome once again to another Mafia Sign-up thread! I'm your host, Formalhaut, and this game's theme is rather different from previous games. No more anime, we're venturing into the world of gritty live-action Science Fiction!

    Yup, this game's theme is the remake of Battlestar Galactica from 2004-2009, starring Edward James Olmos and Mary McDonnell. The series centres around humanity's fight for survival after their creations, the cylons, rebelled against them, launching a sudden surprise attack against their colonies, devasting almost all of the human population. With the only surviving military capital ship being the Battlestar Galactica, it's up to the crew to lead the survivors onto a fabled golden world somewhere in the depths of space, forever being pursued by the cylons who have evolved to look just like them.

    If you haven't heard of or watched Battlestar Galactica, don't worry! Literally no prior knowledge is required to take part. I like to make my Mafia games accessible, so together with the brief summary of the series in the preceding paragraph, I'll also be putting together character sheets in my Role PMs to aid in roleplaying and immersion.

    Compared to the excellent games hosted by Pumpkin, Fynn, Karifean etc., my game will be more 'back-to-basics'. I won't be introducing new game mechanics like skits or daily rules, but if you thought this game would be boring, well I always have a surprise or two up my sleeves.

    As usual, please carefully read over the rules!

    ~~ Standard Rules ~~

    This game will be using Mafia accounts. When the game begins, you will recieve a Mafia identity in the form of a username and password. Please only use those accounts when posting in the game thread.

    Please do not share your identity with anyone and where possible do not share other people's identities if you figure out who is playing as who.

    Only Mafia can communicate outside of the game thread.

    Do not delete, edit or moogle hug posts within the game thread. Multiple posts however are permissible and in fact encouraged, especially if you have a lot to say!

    If you aren't going to be active because something comes up, please let me know ahead of time. Try not to just leave everyone hanging. Try to be active at least once during the day.

    Do not share official Mognets or the like from me. Use in-thread evidence to make your claims, not outside evidence.

    If you are killed either through lynching or night-kill, please do not post in the game thread, as you are dead.

    Keep all your accounts set to invisible.

    Like always, there will be a discussion thread to discuss the game outside of the official game thread. Please keep the gaming to the game thread. Use your normal accounts for the discussion thread.

    If you have any questions about the game, do not hesitate to ask me at anytime. I try to answer all questions as soon as I can.

    In regards to game set-up, I'm trying something different by going with a Closed game. What this means is no roles will be revealed beforehand. Neither an exact role list, or a list of possible roles, will be included.


    I am looking for a minimum of 12 people for this game. I can potentially run it with 10 or 11, but for balance purposes 12 is my ideal minimum. I would obviously love more of course!


    1) Karifean
    2) Slothy
    3) Freya
    4) WarZidane
    5) FFNut
    6) Pumpkin
    7) Mr. Carnelian
    8) Sharkythesharkdogg
    9) KleinerKiller
    10) Fox
    11) Laddy
    12) Sarisa
    13) Scruffington

    Sign-ups will be open for a full two weeks! This'll give everyone a chance to cool down from Pumpkin's amazing Tales game and also allow me a chance to fill up my sign-ups list.

    Thank you everyone for reading! Here's hoping we have another successful game!

    All Of This Has Happened Before,
    And All Of This Will Happen Again

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