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    After lifting the ghost curse early on in the game, just after the sealed cave, Cid joins the party and you go back in the airship. I read online, long after I did all this, that apparently you had to use the canoe to get the ship back.... well this wasn't the case for me.... I just left town once Cid joined, and the ship was back in it's usual spot in the desert. Was this supposed to happen? Version differences or a glitch?
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    Nah see wolf canoe has magical powers to warp your mind into thinking false things

    nah I jk. Pretty sure its just version difference. Despite playing the begining 5 times before acyually beating the game. I dont remember the start much on either version
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    It is likely a change between versions. I remember the ship being available when Cid Joined in the DS version, but not so with the Famicom version.

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