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Thread: I hate Gladio

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    Default I hate Gladio

    Yep. He eclipsed Tidus as my most hated FF character. He is basically a hot version of Red Foreman from That 70's Show. He is such an a-hole to Noctis. I kept thinking... omg Gladio shut the heck up! Mr. Pull-Yerself-Up-By-Your-Bootstraps who is against anybody wanting to be comfortable at all.
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    While I don't necessarily hate him, I'll admit he becomes a bit of a pill in the later chapters.

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    I actually had no problem with Gladiolus telling Noctis to "wake up" in the later chapters, but I felt his approach was definitely lacking a gentle touch.

    There was also hardly any character development between the two prior to this, so it came out of left field. It was certainly jarring to see.

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    Same here. He's just " Mr gruff guy " and has no big substance to his character. He's the weakest out of the characters IMO. His character just screams " No Homo " cringe.

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    He was definitely my least favorite of the group, but he never did anything for me that warranted hate. He's the one that had to be tough on Noctis in the absence of his father. Honing a blade that needed to be sharp for what was to come.

    One thing that hurt him was there didn't seem to be any little moments that built his character for events later in the game like Ignis and Promto had.

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