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    Recently was talking with some people about X-2's OST. One song that gets praised in it is the new Besaid Theme. I personally prefer the X Besaid Island Theme but the point of this anecdote is that thinking about the X soundtrack made me realize something.

    It's all so chill.

    Hardly a musical term I'm sure but all I can offer is what my ears here since I have no training in music. (I learned to play Mary Had a Little Lamb and Jingle Bells on piano 15 years ago and that's about it) Every area has a ridiculously relaxed tone to it, evee areas that would warrant a bit more energy like the Thunder Plains, Via Purifico or even the damned inside of Sin.

    Almost without exception, every area theme seems understated and very calming. The only ones that seem to break this pattern are Gagazet and Zanarkand. But even then, Zanarkand abandons "A Fleeting Dream" once you get to the Dome and then it's business as usual with a very low-key soundtrack. (also that track really sucks)

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    I may develop a different opinion whenever I get around to playing FFX-2 HD, but the soundtrack didn't thrill me at all except for the title theme and 1000 Words.

    The FFX OST, however, was amazing and the second best behind FFVIII on my list. And when I read the thread title the very first track that came to mind was Besaid Island. I use to play that in the background all the time. SO relaxing.

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    Generally speaking I agree about X-2 not having that great of a soundtrack. It could also be because the game was supposed to be more lighthearted compared to FFX.

    FFX on the other hand has an amazing soundtrack, things like No Hope No Dreams, This is Your Story, Someday the Dream Will End, Run, and when you battle Seymour inside Sin are some of the best pieces I've ever heard in FF. The music fits the atmosphere and the events perfectly.
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