Hey I want to express something with you all here on this website. I only just joined a few days ago, but I have always had my eyes on this website through the years, (no pun intended)...(some pun intended). Iv never have been social but in a way confident. I joined here in order two achieve two goals. 1) make some friends and actually participate in some real discussion whether it be about interests or opinions on life, and 2) to get some opinions and advice/criticism on some videos I made on the YouTube.

Some quick backstory, I realized some time ago that I want to be a filmmaker. But im starting out making some videos on YouTube. I don't want that YouTube money or notoriety but rather the experience, to learn how to make myself better and learn some things, and seeing as how I don't have 1,500 friends on the Facebook I joined here to indulge in a community that is rich in the one thing I am best at writing about, Final Fantasy, Final fantasy has been with me since early childhood, I watched my older siblings play and was enthralled. No other game has captured me so. Not Mario nor Zelda nor Pokemon, ( though I do have a healthy respect and love for each.)

Final Fantasy got me into reading, because of the on screen text dialogue. Before I was not interested in books and now I am quite an avid reader and pursuant of a good story anywhere I can find one.

Nuff said. 'cept...I would love if someone ...anyone on here would please just take a look at one of my videos. The first two are serious/ comedic opinions on Final Fantasy, and the rest is just lazy attempts at building a show that probably wont ever happen.

Here I will post a link to my favorite vid so far about my favorite romance in the franchise.


And honestly, I would love if anyone cold give me any feedback whatsoever, I want to know every critique, even correct the grammar in this post. Thank you all so much in advance. Love DrowCow