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Thread: An agglomeration of plant pictures

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    Default An agglomeration of plant pictures

    I struck out in most other fields of art, but so long as the wind isn't blowing too much I can tap a button on my phone. These are just a handful I've taken recently. The files are too large, so only links.

    Tropical hibiscus (artichokes in the background)

    Dinner plate dahlia

    The only bloom on my August Beauty gardenia

    American Legion poppy. The final bud bloomed today on Memorial Day

    Black Velvet petunia

    Achillea "Yarrow"


    Leonotis "Lion's Tail"

    Lilium (a volunteer in the pot of a dead tree)

    Ice Plant

    Romneya "Fried Egg Plant"

    Veronica "Speedwell" (bonus bee)

    Violas after being rescued from some weeds

    Brugmansia "Angel Trumpet"

    Narcissus (it was mixed in with the paperwhite bulbs)

    If this earns any interest I have TONS more pictures (rivaling the memory my apps take up).

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    Some lovely pics there

    I wish I was more green-fingered. Our garden at home is a bit of a lost cause. We're gradually taking over next-door's garden with our ivy.

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    Yes! Definitely post more! I recognize some of those flowers from my own garden.

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    Alright, a few more. Most pictures are either from home or work.

    Cineraria (an absolute chore to deadhead)


    Bleeding Heart

    Variegated String of Pearls

    Asparagus which decided to grow without any soil or water

    Burmese Honeysuckle

    Berlandiera "Chocolate Flower" (they smell like cocoa powder)

    Passiflora "Passion Flower" "Passion Vine"

    Amaryllis "Naked Lady" I think (it bloomed on me before I planted the bulb)


    Petunia "Night Sky" (I don't even like petunias and I had to have one)

    "Porcupine Tomato"

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    Dug into my phone for a few more that might be interesting.

    Kohlrabi (thriving in the so far mild summer)

    Mimosa "Silk Tree" (a volunteer from years ago that it at least 10' now)

    ???? (I forget the name, but I like how they collect water)

    Fava beans

    Rose "Ketchup and Mustard"

    Pink Jasmine

    Geranium/Pelargonium (I need to check the tag again for the variety)


    Pieris "Lily of the Valley Shrub"

    Chenille Plant (whops, blurry)


    Tagetes "Mexican Bush Marigold" (one of my top 5 favorites, so fragrant)

    White Azalea tree


    Pulmonaria "Dark Vader" (I wonder why I picked up this plant?)

    Papaver "Queen Poppy" (I think)

    Artsy-fartsy picture of a mushroom growing in a wine barrel rim

    Fittonia "Mosaic Plant" (my personal favorite houseplant)

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    Oooo the ketchup and mustard rose is my favorite! Looking through these pictures really cheer me up.

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    Have these images been direct or loading on an imgur page for anybody? Curious to how they're showing up for others.

    I haven't been taking too many artsy pictures lately since summer remembered it is supposed to be hot. Just concentrating on keeping things alive.

    But here's a chunk of stuff I've been working on recently. I just moved a lot of it around today, so it's completely unorganized right now. (view image > zoom for a closer look in case it's loads on imgur)

    Yes, that is a Bulbasaur pot hiding in there. The Aeonium wasn't doing well in it, so I re-potted it with a cactus that is both more fitting and should do better with little water.

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