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    Anyone playing it? Who's your main? What are some of your stories playing?
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    This is sadly one of those games where the popularity and fanbase turn me off a bit. But I'm not really a big fan of arena games of any type. But I can't deny the influence and love the game has. But it's not for me

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    Mercy's my main. Widow, Sombra, and Zarya are my mpst played in the other groups.

    One of my favorite moments was in Nepal Shrine. I saw a sneaky Reaper and knew what that meant. So I wooshed over to a Widow and sure enough DIE DIE DIE. Quadruple kill. Was about to woosh over and undo it when he started emoting. So I shot him in the back of the head first and then revived everyone. I don't like showboating.

    Also anytime I get a gold metal in eliminations while getting the card for best healer is a good run.

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    Wow. I guess no one here plays Overwatch.

    I love Overwatch. I main as Reinhardt. But I'm pretty good with Genji, Soldier 76, Bastion and Junkrat. I'm not too bad with Pharah either.

    I think the Overwatch community is what appeals to me the most about the game, the fact that it's taken on so much life because of the fans.

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