So I decided to give a review to the game Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII. First let's look at when the game takes place.

The he year is 185 AD. A massive rebellion rocks China known as the Yellow Turbin Rebellion. The Han Dynasty sends out its army lead by the Grand Commander He Jin. Thus Civil war has spread through the nation. Fast forward to 189 AD and the Emporor dies. He Jin places his nephew on the throne, then gives his war commanders provinces to rule over to help keep the rebellion squashed. Little does he realize this sets off a chain reaction that sees civil war that tears the country into three where we get the Wei, lead by the famous General Cao Cao. The Wu, lead by the Sun family. And the Shu, lead by the hero Lei Bei. Plus all the warlords and battles that come in the middle.

If the story sounds familiar it should as it is based off real history of China, also romanced from the Novel that shares the name of the game. It has also spun the popular spin off of the series known as Dynasty Warriors, and also has had a go with the Kessen series.


There are many ways to play this version of the series. First you can start as a free officer in any city you wish. Make friends who you will lead into battle, build a private army, and take jobs for coin just like a sell sword. While as a free officer you can also go the bandit root and cause confusion through the country. (That was a fun playthrough).

You can also be a loyal servant of one of the many warlords in the game. In this mode you basically get told what to do, and it is up to you to pull it off. Not the most fun mode, but it is a nice way to spend a few years in game gaining fame.

Or or you could raise a flag yourself try and change history and look at establishing a dynasty that can last 1000 years. Micro manage or delicate your duties to your loyal followers. Lead your army into battle and try to wipe out the other rulers and warlords of the day. (Very fun)


The music is a great in the series at setting the tone of what is happening. If you are working on building up your cities there is a gentle string music going. March off to battle and the tone gets heavy. It does a good job of putting you right in the mood of the time.


The controls take a little getting used to, also some trail and error but once you get them they are easy to navigate through. Since this goes at a turn based pace there is no fear of having to go through quickly and messing up.


If you enjoy Dynasty Warriors and wish to explore the lore of it from a strategic point of view you will love this game! If you are a fan of Stratigy you will be in heaven with the title. I gave it a 7 out of 10. If you do decide to try it I am also half way through a free officer guide for it on gamefaqs in the PS4 page for people to have a quick reference on where to find who at the beginning of each scenario you can check out to try and scoop out the top talent of the day.