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Thread: Blind Bloodborne playthrough thread HYPE

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    Yea that makes sense.

    I'm still confused about how beasthood and the chalice dungeons work.

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    Yeah, my immediate thought was the cobbled streets of London in like Sherlock Holmes or Jack the Ripper days. But I never heard anything official that that was what they were going for. It's just the relation my mind made. I have no idea how the world looked to the Dutch or French of that time. But that does make a lot more sense, considering the naming conventions and architecture. So good point there

    Sorry for not having been around for a minute. Life at work got hectic and I got exhausted and just wanted to collapse during my free time. So I hadn't touched my Artworks book in a while or been on the forum much

    But the trench coat guys were always called doctors in all the walkthroughs I read at the time, but the artbook calls them black and white church servants

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