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Thread: Saving doesn't work...

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    Default Saving doesn't work...

    I tried to start a file on this today, on my wii u (virtual console in wii mode) with a wii classic controller.

    I went to the inn, and used it, then turned off my game to check if it saved, and it hadn't.

    It did say something about holding down the reset button - I didn't do this, is this why it didn't save? How do you do this on a wii classic controller?
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    I can't fix the problem, but I can say that holding reset is just a line of text from the original game. It was a myth back in the day that if you just hard powered-off your consoles on games with saves like Dragon Quest, Zelda, and Final Fantasy that your save could be corrupted. Final Fantasy took it serious enough to let the player know every time they slept at an inn

    I've never heard of anyone losing a save due to not holding reset on their NES, and I believe I've known a few people to have legitimately experimented with it

    But that's just an NES thing. Not a Wii Virtual Console thing. But at least I can let you know it's not your fault it didn't save

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    It's ok, I figured it out, it's because I didn't have enough money lol. So it didn't go through when I thought it did. It works now.

    So far, this is a bloody hard game.
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    The original NES version is brutal. I only ever completed the re-make.

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    It's a very numbers based game, it little grinding in the right areas can go a long way. There's like 2 caves you can exploit, and a small piece of land that can be exploited to get a hefty sum of XP to make the game a lot more manageable. Rather than entering a dungeon 5 times and having to retreat because you couldn't quite make it to the end

    I played the original a few years ago and it only took me about a week or so to complete. It went by really quick and ended up being easier than I thought, but I had already known about the "peninsula of power" and a spot in I believe the volcano or some early dungeon where you can fight a ton of genies which I believe are some of the monsters to give the highest XP at that stage in the game. Stuff like that

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    That was the earth cave.

    also bring lots of antidote to the marsh cave if you are not there yet.

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