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Thread: TZA - What jobs will you pick?

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    Default TZA - What jobs will you pick?

    So with The Zodiac Age just around the corner and the fact that we can unlock a second job for every character unveiled, what job combinations will you pick?

    Here's a quick rundown of all jobs:

    Shikari (Hunter) - Uses Daggers, Ninja Swords, Light Armor, Shields. Can get some White Magic buff spells with espers. Gets most item lores. Good at blocking attacks.
    Machinist - Uses Guns, Handbombs, Measures, Light Armor. Can also get high level Time Magic with the Famfrit esper. Gets most item lores.
    Archer - Uses Bows, Light Armor. Gets all item lores.
    Monk - Uses Poles, Light Armor. Extremely high HP and Strength. Gets some very White Magic spells through high level espers (but has no innate Magic to make it powerful). Poles can hit flying opponents. Can use physical break technicks.
    Bushi (Samurai) - Uses Katanas, Mystic Armor. High Magic and can get a lot of HP through espers. Access to Genji equipment.
    White Mage - Uses Rods, Mystic Armor. Wields all White Magic. High Magic but low HP.
    Black Mage - Uses Staves, Mystic Armor. Wields all Black Magic. High Magic but low HP. Staves boost damage of specific elements.
    Red Battlemage - Uses Maces, some Shields, some Greatswords, Mystic Armor. Wields some White and Black Magic as well as all Arcane (Dark) Magic. Requires espers to get the Black Magic -ga spells. Does *not* get boosts to specific elements besides Holy and Dark.
    Time Battlemage - Uses Crossbows, Heavy Armor. Wields all Time Magic. Can use magical break technicks. Due to a lack of Mystic Armor, his Magic stat isn't all that high on its own.
    Foebreaker - Uses Hammers, Axes, Shields, Heavy Armor. Can use all break skills. Access to Genji equipment.
    Uhlan - Uses Spears, Heavy Armor. Spears can hit flying opponents. Gets some Black Magic spells through espers.
    Knight - Uses Swords, Greatswords, Shields, Heavy Armor. Gets some White Magic spells (Curaja, Bravery, Faith). Access to Genji equipment.

    Since we have 6 characters with 2 jobs each it's possible to use all 12 jobs in one playthrough. There's nothing forcing you to though, and it might very well be in your interest to double up on some of them.

    As for me, Knight + Bushi is definitely my favorite combo of all. The Bushi's high magic synergizes extremely well with the Knight's White Magic spells, and also gives him access to the White Robes eventually for 1.5x damage on the Excalibur. I'm also going with Black Mage + Red Battlemage to make the true pure magic nuker, rounding out the Black Mage's skillset with Arcane Magic.

    From there it gets more difficult. I'll probably pick Shikari + White Mage for a tanky White Mage. Monk + Time Battlemage to get at least a bit more magic on Monk (who's already a crazy enough powerhouse as it is). And jumble the leftovers somehow I guess. Might also double up on Bushi for Monk + Bushi instead of Time Battlemage, but we'll see. Haven't decided quite just yet.

    So what about you guys?

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    Haven't decided. For a first playthrough I might decide to align the jobs roughly with the proclivities the characters are drawn to, but I'm not sure yet.

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    Uhlan. (Dragoon) is my numba 1 pick. The rest would be pretty standard like penelo as a white mage/ black mage.
    actually screw it this will be it:

    Vaan: Shikari/red mage
    Penelo:white/black mage
    ashe:time/red mage
    Fran: Archer/monk.

    probably bad for abilities or stats but eh whatever im sure ill manage lol
    Lady Jen and Me <3

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    I haven't thought about it actually.

    If I'm just going to do a rough guess...

    Vaan - Shikari and Monk to take advantage of his high strength stat and it seems fitting for him.
    Penelo - White and Black Mage which is usually how I roll with her in the regular game. Have to take advantage of her high Magic stat.
    Balthier - Machinist and Uhlan sounds like a great mix of power and range.
    Fran - Archer and Red Battlemage gives her a nice mix of magic and weapons. Again, not far from my usual setup
    Ashe - Time BattleMage and Samurai cause hot damn
    Basch - Knight and Foe Breaker cause it fits and one of them is my Sign.

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    Vaan Mousehouse- Monk
    Ashelia Longname - Samurai
    That Girl Everyone Forgets Is Even There - Black Mage
    Fran Drescher - Breaker
    Basch fon Ronsenburg of Dalmasca - Archer
    Sexpot - White Mage

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    Vaan - Shikari and Foebreaker
    Penelo - White Mage and Monk
    Balthier - Machinist and Time Battlemage
    Fran - Black Mage and Archer
    Basch - Knight and Uhlan
    Ashe - Bushi and Red Battlemage

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    For my first playthrough:

    Basch - Knight
    Balthier - Shikari
    Vaan - Monk
    Fran - Red Battlemage
    Ashe - White Mage
    Penelo - Black Mage

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    So far I've gone for Shikari with Vaan and White Mage with Penelo. I'll probably give Shikari as Penelo second job as it'll bug me later in game if she's too soft. I'll likely give Vaan Foebreaker.

    I'll probably have Basch and Ashe as tanks so maybe Knight/Bushi for one or even both of them.

    I'll keep Balthier and Fran as Archer and Machinist and give them both some sort of offensive magic, maybe black and time....or red? Maybe I'll give that to Ashe instead.

    Whew, so many choices but I'm already enjoying it!

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    Ashe: Red Battlemage because Best Job for Best Character. I got her Shikari because Ninja Swords but other than that, I have no interest in the second LB.
    Penelo: Machinist. I never used ranged weapons in vanilla, was curious to try them out.
    Fran: Foebreaker, because I needed a tank who hit really hard.

    In the wings...
    Balthier: White Mage.
    Vaan: Monk
    Basch: Time Battlemage.

    I have no desire to second job things up as it seems to defeat the whole point of the one job "challenge." This game isn't very hard as it is, if I start stacking all those HPs and Battle Lores, we'll be unstoppable.

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    Here's what I'm thinking...

    Vaan: Monk/Samurai
    Balthier: Machinist/Foebreaker
    Basch: Knight/Samurai
    Fran: Archer/Uhlan
    Penelo: Shikari/White Mage
    Asche: Red Battlemage/Time Battlemage

    Not sure when we'll actually get TZA. Hopefully later this year.

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    Vaan: Shikari/Foebreaker
    Penalo: White Mage/Archer
    Balthier: Machinist/Red Mage
    Fran: Monk/Black Mage
    Basch: Unlan/Time Mage
    Ashe: Knight/Bushi

    I haven't unlocked second jobs yet. I know statistically she lends more magey, but Ashe is pretty much how I built her the first time. Time Magick doesn't need a high stat which is good for Basch. Kind of turned Penalo into Rosa. I don't know how, but allegedly MNK and BLM is a mean combination and I'm looking forward to that. Foebreaker takes advantage of Vaan's crazy stat growth and Shikari fits him thematically. Same reason I picked Machinist for Balthier.

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    For my first playthrough:
    Vaan: Shikari / Monk
    Penelo: Time Mage / Black Mage
    Balthier: White Mage / Machinist
    Fran: Red Battlemage / Archer
    Ashe: Foebreaker / Bushi
    Basche: Unlan / Knight

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