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Thread: Steam Summer Sale 2017

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    Default Steam Summer Sale 2017

    June 22 - July 5

    I don't know how many Steam users are here (I'm not a heavy one personally), but I thought a thread might be nice for the sale. Share what you have in your carts, point out good finds, give yea or nay advice, and so on.

    My wallet will get off light this year:

    Life is Strange 1-5 ($4.99)
    Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Ep. I & II ($2.49 each)

    I saw part of a stream for LiS not long ago and thought it looked interesting. Sonic 4 is only there because I'd like to have more secure copies other than on my 360 in case that kicks it and these games become vapor.

    Also considering:

    Sonic All-Stars Transformed ($4.99)

    I'm not a big racing game fan, but I really enjoyed Mario Kart 8. If anybody is able to tel me if this is similar in any way it would be appreciated. Or maybe try the first game that is currently $2.49 I think.

    Stardew Valley $9.99

    Being a Harvest Moon fan this has been on my wishlist for a while, but I'm also not in a position for a really in-depth game. Maybe not the best idea to dive in.

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    Hell, eventually.


    I'm going to get The Sea Will Claim Everything.

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    I may finally get Morrowind or something, assuming it goes on sale, which it usually does, and I'm always tempted. But there's not really much I need for PC that my computer can handle and that I can't get now or soon on console. Much prefer my games on console these days. I joined the master race for a while, but my PS4 wins out for convenience. I'll take a peek at the sales but I don't have much faith they'll intrigue me

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    i was gonna bother with this before i realized i have so much stuff from humble bundles i havent even activated

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    Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus (with extra 25% off voucher for buying Valkyrie Drive).

    Nailed it. That's pretty much me done for the sale; I was considering buying Bully for 4 but it's Rockstar and Take Two so they can go to hell.

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    Awww, my recent Amazon order didn't charge me soon enough for it to be on this month's bill. Now I need to take it lighter with this sale. Dumping Life is Strange since I know most of the plot anyway. Also saving Stardew Valley for later.

    I got positive feedback for Sonic All-Stars in the meantime, so I'll be going with that and Sonic 4.

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