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Thread: Final Fantasy IX, FF: Evil Mist Rebirth

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    Little Update,
    Memoria+HW functions working simultaneously??
    I got widescreen support and faster battle swirl. Font edit and BattleFPS whilst keeping >some< of Hades Workshop's functions intact.

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    Finally! Everything's complete.
    Now onto more important matters.

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    Vanilla Sound Mod Done.
    I figured, waiting until EMR gets fully completed was gonna be too long so...

    Final Fantasy IX, Facing Fate Evil Mist Rebirth-Debut v. 1.1:

    Of course way earlier than expected, FMVs and Models are not completed yet. But a model importer will never come anyways and I've been busy with other things, and Tri3fecta's already done with me, so, I'll just update the mod if anything else turns up, including Memoria-HW compatibility hopefully one day.
    If a model importer shows a bit of progress, I may have the drive again to finish the outfits, but not now.

    I used the free time I had today to prepare EMR's initial, Version 1.1 release. Took waaaaaay longer than expected, but I got it done, and now my free time's up.

    If a Model importer comes, an update is made. 10 out of 11 models are done. One of them, I keep on changing her outfit, cause I can't decided which one's best tho, like... anyways.
    Memoria-HW compatibility: update comes. etc.
    (When I have the time)

    Here it goes:

    Hi! If you found the mod I decided to share in the 'archives', I do hope you enjoy it, as much as I did making it. Everything in this mod was done from the heart. If I have free time more often, I'll update possibly.
    Remember this mod is bringing a new experience to FFIX players. Please, do keep that in mind if you play it.
    And please, Do NOT come to me saying:

    "I don't like the music choice OR can I change the music~no you may not.
    The music was selected by me and only me because I liked it and that's what matters.

    And lastly, remember, if you know you're not gonna like it, leave it alone, don't play it, and continue on with yourself.
    And if you do like it, that's what matters the most, you had fun!

    *About save files:
    Of course you can, but it may cause a bunch of glitches and missing abilities and make things feel, out of place. Like Alternate Fantasy, start a new game and get the full enjoyment.

    Do not use the vanilla sound mod with this either, it will not make any sense.

    *If you've found this mod, and shared it, don't even forget where it originally came from. That's all I ask.

    *See in game credits.

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    Thanks for putting all the work into this!

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    Thank you.
    All my work comes from heart.

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    Final Fantasy IX, Facing Fate Evil Mist Rebirth-Debut v. 1.2:


    Zach & 'Vivi' scene~ 'Grandmother's assistance'.
    Difficulty altered.

    Increase Damage Limit Removed ~ Difficulty increased dramatically.

    Steiner's "Flame Purge" fixed.

    Black Magick, "Celestial" fixed.

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    Release version 1.4: September 24, 2017.
    EMR Vanilla Sound Mod Version 1.4:


    Eidolon Summons including Leviathan and Atomos and Ramuh. (Boost)
    Now includes vanilla resources.assets with fixed, missing enemy death sfxs.

    Final Fantasy IX, Facing Fate Evil Mist Rebirth-Debut v. 1.3:

    Final Update

    "Vivi"'s Resplendence fixed.
    Deniece's Northswain's Glow fixed.
    Concurrence Quickening(s) fixed.

    Yiazmat difficulty increased.

    James's "Pyroclasm" altered.

    Kevin's "Element of Treachery" altered; Concurrence Quickening.

    Zach's Fulminating Darkness altered.
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    Good moderate news; I gained some more free time to work on the 2 video renders this past weekend and I've been crazy busy on it to get it done. Kathy has the 7 EMR main characters + the extra model: "James" done which, to this moment, I still don't understand why she wanted this one... Anyways, now she's helping me hasten the process of Beatrix. My sincere thanks to her for that. I currently have Rydia done; finished her yesterday.
    Beatrix is the last one, y'know, save the best for last. I hope to have it done (and I'm just assuming based on current progress + free time) sometime in the upcoming months.
    Until then and for now; Tri3fecta let's another vid for EMR ~ Beatrix.

    The Vanilla Sounds Fix also has an update and I've been looking into that battle swirl bug mentioned earlier.
    Also, there is an updated FF9 battle theme provided by Tri3fecta. I'm not sure what's the difference; it's sounds the same to me but it's supposed to be exclusive, I guess.
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