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Thread: Final Fantasy III: Hints and Tips

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fynn View Post
    Well you are wrong

    V, Tactis, and Bravely Default did it best

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    Quote Originally Posted by Formalhaut View Post
    How often should I switch jobs? I know there's a job adjustment period and job levels affect quite a lot so is it better to have specialists or stick to people who have a decent job level in a few jobs?
    Honestly, experiment. While it is useful to have high proficiency in a job, it's only super useful for the Thief class because they need a Job Proficiency of 80 or higher to even stand a chance to steal Gungnir from Odin. Other than that, several jobs only need levels in the 30s at most to see most of what they got to offer.

    The real joy of III's Job system is using different party configurations, so I say try out everyone at least once and figure out what works for you best. The 3D Remake version did a pretty upstanding job of balancing all of the classes to the point where you can use all of them throughout most of the game if you desire so only switch out when the game throws a challenge at you that requirs a specific setup like the Mini-Dungeons and Garuda boss battle.

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    All job classes are used excellently in all FF games imo, apart from this one where the unforgiving difficult bosses and dungeons means that you have to abuse the system to pass. Unless you are highly skilled.

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