What it says on the tin, what are some elements from this game you love that everyone else seems to get all grumpy about when you bring it up?

While I can think of a few things, the major one I just don't see eye to eye with people on is the Trance system. It was a brilliant idea in my opinion. I liked that it not only gave the characters unique abilities that really showed their classes off in cool ways, but I actually liked that it wasn't saveable and hitting trance meant it was lost. Why you may ask? Because Limit Breaks are so freaking overpowered in this series that the game that let you build strategies around them are too damn easy. Yes I'm calling VII, VIII, X, and XII out, your gameplay is less fun because you have an overpowered mechanic that trivializes all of the game's difficulty barring the superbosses. Restricting the mechanic to semi-random chance meant you couldn't rely on it to win your battles, and thanks heavens they did so because it's not like IX wasn't already easy to begin with, having trance be savable between battles would have made the game suffer for it cause Trance is already overpowered as is and doesn't need the extra help. I'm happy it's a fickle mechanic. It helps that it's tied in with the story as well since Trance only activates in moments of extreme emotion, it wouldn't make sense to let a character stay in that state indefinitely... FFVII and X.