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Thread: Best Disney Princess !

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    Results : ( Voted For Jasmine )

    Mulan- 3

    Quote Originally Posted by Sefie1999AD View Post
    I soooo second this! We should have had Rapunzel and Tiana instead of Lily James Cinderella and Emma Watson Belle, who got next to no votes even though they were facing each other.
    Hopefully this can be remade one day with Rapunzel, Tiana and Merida included. I feel like a dumb bum for forgetting them. Tiana is even one of my fav princesses ;-; I think that it was from overload from trying to remember so many characters at once.

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    Winner :

    Mulan ( Mulan ) 1998

    2nd Place : Princess Jasmine ( Aladdin ) 1992

    3rd Place : Princess Anna ( Frozen ) 2013

    4th Place : Ariel ( The Little Mermaid ) 1989

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    YAY FOR MULAN WINNING! Aww, she looks sooo adorable in that victory picture.

    Thanks for the tournament! The biggest positive surprises were Jasmine beating Elsa 5-0, and Anna (who always gets overshadowed by Elsa) reaching the Top 4.
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    Ah, I'm late for the results! Sorry! Anywho, woop woop for Mulan's well-deserved victory!

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