Jungle Book : Okay, not bad. Though it just lacks the fun and the jive of the original. Nothing can beat the original Share Khan and Baloo. Was it needed ? Probably, the original movie is very "1960's " and is a bit outdated.

Cinderella : Amazing costumes. Though they just made Cinderella insane ? Hated the bit where she's locked up, and she just....dances around the room ? In the animated classic, Cinderella acts realistically and screams and cries and panics and gets anxious. This Cinderella is just "tee hee " and twirls her dress around. Just, really ruined the movie for me. Really loved how Cinderella and the Prince have a better relationship though, and the Prince actually has character and isn't just a "handsome " cardboard cutout. The 1950s Cinderella just felt more real and more smart. She knew that she was in a abusive household and had to be smart to survive or be kicked out in the street. This Cinderella just felt like, she was one step towards a asylum.

Beauty And The Beast : Honestly ? It was wasn't needed. Beauty And The Beast was originally fine on it's own, minus a few nitpicks and for some reason people thinking Belle had Stockholm Syndrome, even though she doesn't ? You can tell Disney did this for the $ and it worked. I mean, the original was a Oscar nominated movie for a reason. Emma Watson is a TERRIBLE BELLE. She cannot sing. Evermore was a nice edition, trying to make a character gay to try and get LGBT + people in the cinema for a 2 second scene was not. Being LGBT + myself, it just felt like Disney was doing it for the "points ", than just doing it because they care. Other LGBT people may feel different though.

Dumbo : Honestly looking forward towards this one, because the story of Dumbo is really emotional, cute and touching, it's just that the animated original is well, VEEEEEEERERRRY, very, very, very, very, very racist.

Mulan : No songs ? No Li Shang ? No Thankyou ! IT COUUULD be good and better than the animated original, but at the moment. Not interested lol.

Aladdin : Aladdin is my favorite Disney movie, so yes, anxious as hECK towards this one. Really hoping to love and adore both versions. But this just screams " $ " like Beauty and the Beast and Mulan.

Your thoughts ??