See, I just bought FFXII HD so it makes sense I'm playing 1/2 FFXII.

I was talking with some people elsewhere about how mindnumbingly boring FFVI's sgameplay is and I think that is what always killed the game for me. Farthest I've ever made it is Setzer joining and my memory of the story characters goes only up to the Phantom Train and that whole "three parties" segment.

But I am determined to beat it this time. And if I said that some other time, sorry. Things are different this time. Someone recommended I play FFVI with mods. I love me some difficulty mods. They made me like FFIX's combat whereas I used to think it was total ass. (even back when I raved about the story I thought the battle system was dull. That's changed thanks to some mods)

So I have started up Final Fantasy VI: Brave New World. I know it has some script alterations. I was considering playing this other mod called EvilType but BNW sounds more interesting.

So I just have to hope the new translations and jokes are incidental. I can live with the Soul Train saying "there ain't no gettin' off this train you're on!"

"Clear" will not make "Doom" work on bosses, though - that sort of douchebaggery doesn't fly here anymore.

I wonder if this is a reference to the original game or an older version of BNW.

Rage sounds pretty interesting. I remember I once asked somebody the difference between Gau and a Blue Mage. Taking on the actual properties of the enemy he is copying is pretty unique. I've certainly never encountered anything like it in other FF games.

My Find Terra Team is Celes, Cyan, Gau and Sabin. Locke said something about a promise but he's kind of boring as a character and useless as a combatant so he can stay here.

So I let Terra and Edgar wipe out most of Kefka's forces before taking my main trio of Celes, Gau and Cyan against Kefka himself but I am noticing that, in spite of Gau being interesting, he has no smurfing HP. True, he is at the lowest level of everyone in my party but he's only one level behind Celes yet she has 100 more HP. Gau's pathetic 150 HP is not really workable here from what I've seen. He was eating dirt for the last stretch of that Kefka fight. And this was my second attempt at Kefka because Kefka kept killing Gau in Round 1 and I kept futilely trying to revive him. I am grateful for the fact that my party being wiped only meant I got them all back with 1 HP and had to try again. The thought of running that whole gauntlet again was rather depressing so good game design here.

But yeah, several hours in, I've died lots, also having a lot of fun. I think I can probably go the distance this time around. I certainly can't remember being this invested in the story or gameplay before. I think the fact I have dropped the "so this is the best FF ever, huh?" attitude is probably helping.