I was wondering, besides the fact that tidus and wakka are in KH on destiny islands, are there any other connections between these games or any particular reason why they were chosen to be on destiny islands.

I was re playing both a games and something profound jumped out at me.

we all know that Kingdom Hearts appears as a moon in the form of a heart.

well did you know that Sin is the name of an ancient Babylonian moon God?

this is interesting to me in light of the fact that tidus getting transported to spira is very reminiscent of the way sora was transported to traverse town.

when you get to traverse town there is a boy who looks just like tidus standing in the 1st district.

also Heartless are said to be from the darkness in peoples hearts and fiends are kinda the same coming from the envy the dead feel for the living. if a human is killed by sin an doesn't move on to the far plane, they may become a fiend I.E a heartless.

also if someone in FFX with a strong will is killed they can return from death and are called unsent (nobodies?)

the 7 guardians of light.

tidus, yuna, wakka, lulu, rikku, kimari and auron

can we think of them as the 7 guardians of light? or the 7 princesses of heart.

could yuna be synonymous with kairi?

in KH 1 sora travels actually with 4 companions.

Donald, goofy, jiminy and kairi including sora that's 5

the 5 foretellers

after the events of ffx tidus and auron disappear one being dead the whole time and the other never have been real in the traditional sense there where 5

yuna, lulu, wakka, rikku and kimari!

Auron is #6 and tidus #7

Aced, Ava, Gula, Invi, and Ira

the master is #6 luxu is #7

yuna first met jecht 10 years and 3 months ago which is 13