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Thread: What plans do you have for the short term?

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    Default What plans do you have for the short term?

    So I haven't been as active as I would have liked lately due to real life just busting my butt. However this weekend I find myself without anything to do, and nothing pressing. I just got a whole weekend alone as the girlfriend took the kids camping with her family up north, my sister took me off with her kids to her in laws, and my parents are out of town. I for the first time in two years have absolutely no plans, and no one needing my help except to water flowers once a day and keep the lawn mowed at various homes. It's nice.

    The he kids and girlfriend wanted me to go with them, but I really wanted to stay home and just be a vegetable. Catch up on reading and finish the book I was working on. All around just be lazy for a change. Plus I really didn't want to hang out with my future in laws with no escape.

    This is morning I finished the book, and now I hope to continue a project I was working on similar to Phy's which I had to put on hold due to my son getting grounded for the summer from electronics. His punishment is one that I suffer because of I tell you.

    Thats my my short term plans, what are yours?

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    Sleep in on my extra day off this week. Of which I will inevitably fail.

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    This week Ive been having a lot of fun playing a multiplayer mod for Stardew Valley. I'm working on a mod to make the cats look like my cats.

    Also if you want any sort of advice or talk about your game Nut I'm more than happy to assist. Good luck! I have a couple of non-EoFF related projects in my own mind. I'm trying to decide whether to stick with RPGM or move onto something... more professional. The former is pure JavaScript so I've been working through online courses on that.

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    Post in this forum for the first time...

    I'd also like to finish this short story I've been working on. And, hopefully, finally come to terms with living in a city 17000km away from my birthplace/home.

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    I get paid in a few days so I'm finally booking in a class I got for my birthday from work, after that I will be sitting down to write up a proper 90 day plan for my business to get it into retail as soon as possible. I need that $$$!!

    I've just done some applications for more freelance writing work as I seem to have gotten the bug again and just want to blast some words out for my portfolio.

    I don't know what else. Maybe pick up some projects at work/pick through some more ahead of schedule. Just fire off full steam ahead I think!

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