I was looking back at some old posts just now, feeling like they were quite fresh in mind. Maybe they were posted a few months ago? Yeah, maybe I dropped by around easter to post a litt-NO SIR! THEY WERE POSTED IN 2015! What's up with that? and why is time passing faster than I'm able to deal with it?

This applies to real life for me as well, some close friends of mine I haven't spoken to in a year, or more. Still it feels like last month. I hope time passes just as quick for them, otherwise they might think I'm a contact-severing jerk, running around snipping bonds of friendship with my rusty friendship-wrecking scissors. We're halfway into 2017 and I still haven't accepted the transitioning from 2016. That year isn't DONE YET!

How are you dealing with the passing of time? Are you a hopeless time wreck like me, or are you all caught up?